15 Ways To Be The Very Best At Pokémon Go (Like No One Ever Was)


By Marie

So, you have downloaded Pokémon Go to join the craze that is taking over the world, but you’re still not 100% sure what to do. Never fear – we’ve got your back. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be a master trainer in no time – perhaps almost as good as Ash and Misty. 

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1. Don’t spend all your money.


If you don’t have unlimited data and you plan to play the game a lot you might want to call your phone company and get that changed now. You won’t want to be hit with the overage fees later.

2. Don’t let your battery die.


Save your battery by tapping the pokéball on the middle of your screen. Then tap settings and make sure that “Battery Saver” is on. It will darken your screen when you put it down but will still vibrate if a pokémon shows up. (You have to turn this on every time you start the game).

3. Catch duplicates of the same Pokémon!


It doesn’t matter how strong they are. If you have several Pidgeys then transfer the ones with the lower number. When you transfer them, you get candy, which can help you evolve and level your pokémon! Don’t know how to transfer? Tap the pokéball and then tap Pokémon. Tap on the lower level pokémon and scroll to the bottom to hit “Transfer” and you’ll get a warning that the action can’t be undone. After doing so, you’ll receive candy from the Professor. When you have enough candy you’ll have the option to evolve a pokémon.

4. Evolve your Pokémon.


So you’ve got enough candy to evolve that Pidgey, here’s how to do it. Tap on the Pidgey you want to use, and then tap on Evolve. After you evolve it, then you’ll have Pidgeotto! It will gain levels as well from the evolution. But if you want to evolve that Pidgeotto you need to still collect more Pidgey candy in order to do so, which means you need to go find more Pidgey to transfer to the Professor.

5. Understand “AR.”


Seeing the Pokémon in the real world is very cool but turn off AR in the top right corner for battles because it saves battery and it makes the pokémon easier to catch.

6. Catch ’em all – like a pro.


When trying to catch a Pokémon, tap and hold on the pokéball and a colored circle will appear on the pokémon. Green means it’s easy to catch, yellow means its moderately hard to catch, and orange means it’s difficult to catch. The trick is to hit the middle of the circle even with its ever-changing size.

7. Some Pokémon don’t want to be caught.


There are some pokémon that can swipe or whack your pokéball away, so be patient. Don’t just throw the pokéball immediately or you’ll waste all the ones that you have.

8. Gain points when catching pokémon.


You can spin your pokéball to charge it for a curveball shot, which gives you more experience points when you catch the pokémon.

9. Understand how to hunt for pokémon.


In the bottom right, there’s a display for “nearby pokémon” and the footprints below each pokémon indicates how far away they are. (More footprints = further away.) Tap on the pokémon you want to find, and head in any direction. If it’s the right direction the tiny gray box will give off a glow. Watch the footprints below, because if they reduce in numbers, you’re going the right way.

10. join a team.


Once you reach Level 5, you have the option to join a team. Go to the nearest gym and that will give you the prompting to join. There are descriptions of each of the three teams but choose wisely since your decision is permanent! Or just pick your favorite color.

11. Fight in gym battles.


At gyms, the battles are in real time so it isn’t turn-based. You tap on your screen to have your pokémon attack, but remember to hold down to use your second strongest move.

12. Be patient with pokéstops.


Pokéstops can be visited again after five minutes. Sometimes it will tell you to come again later if you visit too often. The little circle that appears at a pokéstop needs to be spun! This is important because it can drop eggs, potions, and pokéballs. The most pokéstops I’ve seen are found at local parks.

13. There are benefits to owning a gym.


If you own a gym, make sure to tap on the shop and in the top right corner there is a shield icon. Tap on that for a few shop coins and stardust every 24 hours as your Defender Bonus.

14. Know the benefits of “lure.”


The Lure Module is best used at a pokéstop because there will be a variety of different pokémon that will appear. Everyone else nearby benefits from it as well, so be prepared to make a few new friends who are also playing Pokémon Go.

15. Keep playing to unlock special items as you level up!


  • At Level 8, you unlock Razz Berry which helps you to catch pokémon by making them love you a little bit more as you are throwing pokéballs at them.
  • At Level 10, you unlock Super Potion which comes in handy with all the gym battles you’ll be doing, so you can heal your weakened pokémon.
  • At Level 12, you unlock Great Balls which are needed to catch some of those difficult and rare pokémon who run away after one pokéball throw!
  • At Level 15, you unlock Hyper Potions which are handy for your pokémon who receive a beating during gym battles.
  • At Level 20, you unlock Ultra Balls which you’ll likely want to hold on to for any super rare pokémon you might happen to come across.

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