One Man’s Take On The Journey To Thirty


By Anthony Michael


A wise man once told me, “To succeed in the business world, you need two things: a nice watch and a name-brand pair of dress shoes.” This seemed legit, so I played the fool, soaking up whatever steam-rolled knowledge was battered on me, and I began living a life that became difficult, complicated, yet addicting. 


So it began, the incapable reach to find the very few things you ask for in your twenties. Love, for example, was a long-shot. Us men have been told by generations of married men our entire lives, “Stay single forever!” While technology has us swiping left, right, up and down, we forget exactly what we’re reaching for. You would think it was that ideal of married life, the kids, the house, the white picket fence. It’s not, or at least I think it’s not – who am I to say? I’m just a 29-year-old approaching his 30th birthday that has been told two things: Wear a nice watch. Wear dress shoes. No, three things. Never get married.


I consider myself lucky; I’ve found my way into the business world that appreciates a good-looking guy wearing a nice Bulova watch and Perry Ellis dress shoes (that I pass off as Salvatore Ferragamos, no one needs to know.) I’ve also conquered the challenges of completing college, exchanging 928 emails with my bank to purchase my first home, navigating two destined-to-fail relationships, living as a homeless person, sleeping with far too many woman while having the freedom to say and do whatever I please.


While thirty approaches rather quickly, I do surround myself with great people. If I can give you any bit of advice from this somewhat narcissistic and ego-hunting essay it’s that you should always surround yourself with great people. You’ll stay grounded and humble, you’ll appreciate what you have – rather than what you don’t – and you’ll find love in more ways than you ever would have with that fantasy “white picket fence” life. Take if from a guy who said he was homeless.


Ultimately, thirty may seem frightening, but imagine what fifty feels like. Being independent may seem tough, but imagine being miserable. Wearing Perry Ellis shoes may not be as cool as Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, but fuck it. This gut-wrenching “first day of school” feeling in my stomach is just that, a feeling. And feelings tend to go away. If you’re smart you’ll learn from them. So, life may not be what’s meant to be right now, but you move on and hold your composure. You grow to understand that this is a journey; it is life’s journey to thirty.

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  1. Tom C says:

    Anthony, this is some high-end writing. It really is. “This gut wrenching first day of school….” Fantastic metaphor for the new you at thirty, Yes, I especially took note of that one. Well you may be thirty now (Happy Birthday) but you should be proud in all that you accomplished in those years. Now a writer to boot!! Keep ’em coming sir. It was a great read.

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