8 Things We’ll Never Feel Bad About Spending Money On


By De and Kate

Remember when we were in middle school, and we’d go to the mall, and our parents would give us some money to buy whatever we wanted? And we’d make sure that our $20 (or whatever amount) would last as long as we needed it. We’d stretch that bill as far as we could; we’d nickle-and-dime every last tattoo choker necklace from Claire’s or jawbreaker from the candy store.

Unfortunately, adult life is a lot different.  As adults, we’re responsible for our own finances; sure, some of us can call up our parents, but others can’t, and regardless, we’re not calling them for $10 or $20 dollar bills when we go to the mall.

That said, despite the fact that we have to be mindful of our finances as grown-ups, there are some things that we just don’t feel bad about spending money on. There are some things that are just worth it every time. Here are 8 things we just don’t feel guilty about paying for:

1. Coffee


As a wise woman once said, “coffee, coffee, coffee.” It is lifeblood. It is essential.

2. Makeup


While some makeup can be bought at the drugstore, there are just some things that need to be purchased at Sephora. There’s a reason why that Dior Nude BB Cream is upwards of $40.

3. Guacamole. Or avocados.


Listen, sometimes a girl’s just gotta have her guac. Whether we’re buying our own at the grocery store or purchasing some chips-n-guac at Chipotle, we’ll never feel bad about paying for deliciousness.

4. Plane tickets


We’re big believers in the idea that memories are better than material gifts. We’d rather take a trip with our S.O. than receive a necklace or flowers any day.

5. Salon fees.


We take hair care pretty seriously, and although we think we’re talented in many areas of life, we’re not sure we trust ourselves with a DIY ombré. We think it’s always better to pay a professional to do a kickass job on our hair than try it on our own.

6. Organic Produce


Organic. That’s how we like them apples. Along with the rest of the “dirty dozen” of fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels of pesticide residue. While we’re all for keeping our budget in tact at the grocery store, we’d prefer to drop a few extra bucks and trust the quality of products we’re consuming.

7. Date Night


If we’re going to put in the effort of wearing real pants, aka, ones with buttons, you better believe we’re planning on doing it up. Considering we make the majority of our meals and cocktails at home, heading out to dinner is a special occasion and we’re not willing to spend our QT wondering if we can afford to order a mojito (or two).

8. Quality Activewear

Work Out

While we love finding a good deal on our workout gear, we’re okay with spending some extra cash for comfort, fit, and quality. Wardrobe malfunctions are real, and the last place we want to experience one is in the middle of a hot yoga class, hips high, for all to see.

Tell Us: What’s one thing that’s always worth the splurge?

Photo by Bryan Papazov on Unsplash