Summertime Sips: Reviewing The Starbucks “Secret” Rainbow Drinks


By De and Kate

Chances are, you’ve heard the social media whispers of Starbucks’ Secret Menu. And if you haven’t yet, allow us to introduce you to the coffeehouse world of Narnia. Word to the wise, the entire menu can be a bit overwhelming at first glance, with its Marshmallow Dream Bar Frappuccino and its White Chocolate Cinnamon Chai Latte (say that five times fast). So, we decided to start simple, by tasting – and reviewing – the rainbow of Starbucks’ Secret Tea Menu.

It’s important to note, of course, that you can’t just approach the barista and ask for “the green drink” – you need to know how to order them. So we’ll help you out:

Green Drink: Black Tea with Matcha and Coconut Milk

Green Drink

This one tastes just like you’d expect. If you’re a traditional green tea lover, it’s a refreshing take on the original, and perfect for summertime. It has a subtle sweetness to it, but won’t create the same sugar rush and crash as other afternoon pick-me-ups.

Blue Drink: Passion Ice Tea with Soy milk and Vanilla Syrup

Blue Drink

Abiding we’re not colorblind, blue drink is looking pretty purple here. It may have something to do with our game time decision to trade soy milk for coconut. Either way, regardless of its hue, it’s delicious. It has a smoothie-esque quality for days you’re craving something cool and fruity but not quite as filling. The flavors blend together nicely with a hint of creaminess, and even though it’s on the “secret” menu, it’s popular enough that the barista instantly began nodding as we ordered the combination.

Purple Drink: Literally the same as the blue drink, but with 2 scoops of blackberries.

This one is okay. It would probably be better with coconut milk instead of soy milk, as the soy makes it a little thick (and the berries don’t help). But it’s certainly ‘grammable!

Pink Drink: Strawberry Acai Refresher With Coconut Milk instead of Water


Arguably the most delicious of the five pastel drinks, the pink drink could be a daily habit if you’re not careful. This one tastes perfectly sweet, and the coconut milk adds a tropical element of deliciousness.

Orange Drink: Orange Mango Juice + 2 Scoops Vanilla Bean Powder + Splash of coconut milk


Okay, full disclosure, we haven’t tried this one because our local Starbucks didn’t have orange mango juice. We tried a couple other Sbux locations and they didn’t have it either. So this could be a myth (like a rare Pokémon). But other people on the Internet have been saying it’s the best one, so go figure. We doubt it’s better than the pink drink, tbh.

Tell Us: Have you tried any of the Starbucks drinks? What do you think?

Photo by Q.U.I on Unsplash