This Is The One Question You Need To Ask Yourself Before Voting Third Party In November


By De Elizabeth

I find that it’s important to start this article by saying I’m not the type of person who writes articles like this. I’ve never considered myself super political. Sure, I have always cared about voting, and I’ve known that it’s important, but I never did anything beyond just go to the polls in November to cast my vote. I followed the primaries in 2008 and I was excited to vote for Obama, and was equally enthusiastic to re-elect him in 2012. But that’s all that drove me – excitement and optimism. And those feelings didn’t motivate me to do anything else beyond “just vote.”

This year is different.  Continue reading

Adding Light To Life’s Heaviness

All You Need Is Love

By De and Kate

Between acts of violence, the current political landscape, polarizing viewpoints, their resulting actions, and everyday tragedies, the weight of events happening in our nation and our world can be emotionally overwhelming to say the least. While we’re all for being informed and aware of what’s happening around us, sometimes we crave a break. We need a moment to close out of all tabs, turn off the news, and remember that life isn’t all bad.

These are our go-to ways to add a little light to life’s heaviness: Continue reading