Adding Light To Life’s Heaviness

All You Need Is Love

By De and Kate

Between acts of violence, the current political landscape, polarizing viewpoints, their resulting actions, and everyday tragedies, the weight of events happening in our nation and our world can be emotionally overwhelming to say the least. While we’re all for being informed and aware of what’s happening around us, sometimes we crave a break. We need a moment to close out of all tabs, turn off the news, and remember that life isn’t all bad.

These are our go-to ways to add a little light to life’s heaviness:

Seek The Good

Screen time, news feeds, and trending topics often lead us to get caught up in thinking that negativity is the norm and that humanity is on the decline. And yet, when we’re out at the grocery store and a stranger offers a compliment or holds open the door, we’re reminded that good exists all around us. What we see in the news is a small and skewed glimpse into the world. In stepping out into society, we gain a new perspective, and we remember that we’re all responsible for creating an environment where we want to live.

Get Outdoors

The staying power and serenity that nature offers is unlike any other. When we have the opportunity to head to our nearest hiking trail or visit the beach, stroll barefoot through the sand, and gaze out at the ocean, we discover the inherent beauty of this life. When the world seems crazy, nature offers a calming counterbalance.

Spread The Love

If we can take away just one thing from news and media outlets, it’s this: we need more love, more acceptance, and more connection. So, we take time to tell our best friend how amazing she is, and we send notes of appreciation, and we play with our pets, and we bake our spouse his favorite dessert, and we (joyfully) fold the laundry, and we become the person offering compliments, and holding open the door. Because the little things are the big things, and we know that these seemingly small acts of kindness matter.

Be silly

Sometimes you just need to laugh like a middle schooler. Put on Comedy Central or watch an episode of The League and laugh like you’re a 12-year-old boy. Or watch cartoons. Or play M*A*S*H. (Remember that game?)

Get introspective

It’s good to focus on yourself. Take some time to sit on your couch (or outside), open up a journal (not a word doc), and write whatever you’re thinking. If you’re not really into words, check out one of those adult coloring books. Just take some time away from everything and focus on you. It’s okay to do that.

Tell Us: What do you do to feel a little lighter?

{featured image via unsplash}