9 Emotions We’ll Experience During The Bachelorette Finale

Jo Jo

By De & Kate

The Bachelorette finale airs tonight and we can confidently say that the emotions we experienced during the season premiere pale in comparison to the wine infused potpourri of feelings we’ll be experiencing come 8 o’clock. We’ve spent our summer Monday evenings becoming overly invested in JoJo and her boyfriend(s) so you can bet we’ll be passionately tweeting and talking at our TVs tonight.

Here’s a look at the feelings we expect will occur:


Show On The Road.gif

Y’all, this is our Super Bowl. Even Aaron Rodgers is wishing his brother well in the “competition”. Don’t let Jordan and Robby’s job titles as ‘former’ athletes fool you, these guys are playing for gold. And we’ll be spectating with an intensity that follows suit.


Not Sure

As much as we’d like to believe that the two remaining guys are there for the “right reasons”, there’s been some major doubt surrounding both all season. So, naturally, we’ll have our B.S. meter out and ready as they profess their love and faithfulness.

Missing Luke


Before you go and say that’s not an emotion, after experiencing it for a full 2 hours last week, we’re pretty sure it is. And while we’re all about JoJo following her heart and finding true love, we’re also kind of like, pick Luke, choose Luke, love Luke.



Meeting families, talking past relationships, and planning for the future with your s/o is inherently complicated and intense as is. Multiply all that by two, and for lack of a better term, it’s a shit show of emotions.



The whole show is basically a series of one awkward scene after another, but the finale carries a level of anxiety all its own. As soon as suitor #1 steps out of the limo for the final rose we’ll begin cringing. If – and let’s be real – when he proposes, the level of discomfort will reach its peak knowing JoJo is going to have to pull his (roughly) 185 pounds of muscle up from bent knee before saying “thanks, but no thanks.”

Secretly hoping…


…For some drama-rama-rama. I mean, wouldn’t it be kind of amazing if she didn’t end up picking anyone and decided that both Jordan and Robby were just like not worth her time?

A little judgy


What sort of ring will the guys pick from Neil Lane? Will it be a pear-shaped diamond (ick)? Will it be huge? Will it have diamonds in the band as well? We’ll be watching closely.

And a lot of sadness.


You guys, this is the FINALE. We’re going to have to wait until JANUARY until The Bachelor starts. Ugh. Be still our hearts.

But then we’ll remember…


Bachelor In Paradise starts tomorrow. So all is okay in the world.

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