16 Bridesmaid Problems That Are All Too Familiar


By Marie Ireland

1. You thought things were fine until Bridezilla makes an appearance.


2. Pinterest is your enemy to reality because nothing turns out like your favorite pins when you try them.


3. The bride purposefully picks an ugly dress that is either a terrible color or shape for your body.Dress

4. Being a slave to the bride whether it’s fetching Chapstick or her flip flops.


5. Pretending to have an enjoyable time when you’d rather be at home in PJs watching Netflix.


6. The maid of honor acts like it’s her big day and tries to take charge.


7. Those uncomfortable heels that you’ll never want to wear again.


8. Trying to make sure your hair and makeup last while you’re busy running around helping with the wedding.


9. Being expected to bring a date and having no one to ask.


10. Avoiding all fatty foods in case your dress doesn’t fit on the big day.


11. Being the last to know what’s going on.


12. Not getting the thanks you deserve for all your hard work.


13. Trying not to make a fool of yourself by taking advantage of the open bar.

Open Bar

14. The last minute tragedies that you’re stuck trying to fix.


15. You can’t eat half the delicious treats at the wedding for fear of spilling on yourself.


16. Being expected to catch the bouquet so you’re next.


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Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

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