5 Reasons To Be Pumped For “Suicide Squad”


By Marie

If you go based off of the trailer you can tell that Suicide Squad is a movie not only meant to have the villains portrayed as the heroes but to have them become just as popular as the heroes. DC might be able to pull such a feat off thanks to the characters they’ve chosen to highlight as well as the actors chosen to portray them. If you aren’t all ready hyped here are some reasons you should be.

1. The Cast Family

Unless you’ve been avoiding all social media, by now you have seen clips or interviews with the cast. We have the cast Snapchat Q&A at SDCC along with behind the scenes photos and it’s apparent that the cast is one big family. They’ve tattooed each other (which is something I can quickly say I would NEVER allow a coworker to do) and Jared Leto has sent an assortment of random gifts to his cast mates. If anything, the cast’s bond shows just how good of an ensemble they are. We all know of movies where the actors didn’t get along at all in real life and were somewhat able to act through it, but that’s disappointing. Don’t we all sort of want real life to be a bit like the movies, even though in this case it’s one large family of crazy bad guys?

2. The diverse Cast

This cast is not only a family off screen but they are also racially diverse. We’ve beaten the dead horse with a stick enough by having a white guy being cast in a Marvel movie as the star. Instead for Suicide Squad we have performers like Will Smith and Karen Fukuhara, and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is going to be totally BA because have you seen HTGAWM? She’s going to be a star as usual. Jay Hernandez is playing El Diablo, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is our Killer Croc.

3. The Stunts and Sounds

From the trailer and clips that have been released, it’s obvious that this is going to be an action movie. DC is going to showcase their characters who are villains showing off their abilities. We all know they were put in prison for a reason, so we are going to see them put to the test of survival when the odds are stacked against them. The music that has been released thus far includes music artists such as Little Wayne, Imagine Dragons, X Ambassadors, and more collaborating together.

4. the Darker Side of Justice

We tend to imagine that everything is rainbows and butterflies when it comes to superheroes doing the right thing and saving the day. With Suicide Squad, we can definitely expect something completely different. The only reason Viola Davis’ character suggests using the bad guys to help save the day is to keep her own special ops agents safe from harms way. If you think about it, you know the Suicide Squad members aren’t going to have the same mentality as a traditional super hero. Their motivation is influenced by something else entirely, so the way they react to different situations and scenarios will prove more than interesting.

5. the Bad Guy Backstory

Pick a super hero and you probably know their back story. When it comes to a villain, we’re mostly at a loss for words. With each of the Suicide Squad members, we can expect a bit more about what makes them tick and why they do what they do. This will play into their dark side of justice because they’ve witnessed and done things most people never have. Justice may be blind but that doesn’t mean it’s pure.

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