Currently: August 2016


By De and Kate

We’re kicking off the week with our August roundup of things we’re loving lately. Here are the sips, bites, and styles we’re currently all about:


Moscow Mules

Moscow Mules

We debated on whether this drink deserved a spot in entertainment (hello, signature cocktail) or nourishment (because it makes our soul happy) and decided on the first. This cool and refreshing 2 oz. vodka, 4-6 oz. ginger beer, and 1/2 oz. lime juice combination is all we need to get a party started. Or to spend an evening on the couch binge watching Netflix’ Stranger Things.

Which brings us to…

Stranger Things

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.33.07 PM

By now, you’ve probably heard people talking about how amazing Stranger Things is, and if you haven’t discovered it for yourself, you need to do so immediately. It will give you all kinds of nostalgia, and you’ll be dying to watch your favorite ’80s sci-fi and horror films afterwards. You’ll also have a lot – we mean A LOT – of questions afterwards. But it’s worth it. (P.S. The dog does not die. You’re welcome).


Denim Shirts & Dresses

Denim Shirt

At the risk of being all JT and Brit circa 2001, we love this look when worn well. It’s difficult to find the right balance of comfort and fit. Still, this look is worth the search and time spent in dressing rooms.

Y-shaped necklaces


There’s something infinitely alluring about a choker paired with a dangly necklace, and with the two-birds, one-stone invention of the Y-shaped necklace, you can do both. The one pictured here is from Nordstrom ($25).


Carnival Kettle Popcorners


Tbh, the only thing we don’t like about these is how tempted we are to eat an entire bag in one sitting. We love the subtle sweetness in flavor and appreciate the simple list of ingredients – all of which we can pronounce.

Tell Us: What are you currently loving this month?

{featured image via pexels}