Sanity 6: Six Ways to Remain Calm While Pursuing Your Passion


By Eliza David

Rome, Oprah, and Beyoncé weren’t built in a day. When you are a boss babe on your grind, we forget this and get down in the dumps about our perceived failures. It’s normal. In fact, you may be going through that right now.

Maybe you’re chasing a sales goal for your startup. Perhaps your competitor is gaining on you and it’s giving you the willies. Or you’re bummed from a bad book review. Never fear! Your resident Girlboss Guru has a list of six tips – or what I like to call the Sanity 6 – to help you regain perspective and maintain your self-esteem when it seems like the universe (or the internet!) is against you:

Eff What They Think.

You’ll never hear more opinions than you’ll hear when you are in the midst of grinding toward your dream. Of course, there’s helpful criticism…and then, there’s hurtful negativity. What you need to keep top of mind at all times is that what the general public thinks about your goals is really none of your concern.  This is your dream and you are the architect.  When you feel the hate coming at you like a speeding train, turn to your tribe (more on them later) for the undying support you’ll need as an entrepreneur.

Don’t Compare Your Chapter 1 to Their Chapter 20.

Social media can be deceiving.  It will have you thinking that, for some, the struggle doesn’t exist.  It’ll make you think that good fortune is blessing them without effort. Don’t be fooled by Facebook fallacies and Twitter tales! Also, perspective is required.  Perhaps they’ve been at it for years when you’ve only been at it for months. Maybe they’re in a different lane than you altogether.  Or maybe…they aren’t doing as swell as they portray online.  In any case, staying focused on your grind will prevent you from focusing on theirs. Nurturing a passion is like running a marathon: you have to run your race at your pace.

Cry It Out & Get Back To Business.

There’s this meme that I love that says ‘You’re allowed five emotional minutes a day and then you gotta be a gangsta.’ It’s funny, but there’s truth there. I’m all for taking an emotional break during tough times…just make sure a break doesn’t become a breakdown. Take five, ten, fifteen minutes to scream in your car, go for a walk, or cry in the bathroom at work – then get back to the grind. It’s easier said than done, I know. But you’ll find it easier to manage once you realize that time is being spent on your goals, not your regrets.

Get Your Rest.

‘No Days Off!’, ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’, ‘While You Sleep, I Grind’. All of those common refrains from motivational websites are myths. If you don’t get an adequate amount of rest and relaxation, your hustle will become a grind, all right – a grinding halt! Get the hours of sleep you need. Catch a nap at least once during the week. Meditate. Do whatever you need to do to center and rejuvenate yourself. Trust me, your passion will remain intact while you take time for yourself.

Find Your Tribe.

One thing every girlboss needs is a team to hold her down. Whether it’s your family, your best friends, fellow coworkers, your online network, or an eclectic mix of all of these, be sure you have a tribe. These are people who uplift you, motivate you, believe in you, and hold you accountable. The grind cannot function on you alone so don’t be afraid to reach out for that support.

Grind From The Heart.

If your passion is of the creative nature, it’ll be easy to recall a time when your art wasn’t applauded at the volume you had anticipated. That’s why it’s important that you create from the heart. Authenticity is key. It sets you apart from the pack and makes your brand shine. Never imitate what you think is hot in the streets. Create what’s hot to you and at least one other person will think it’s hot, too. (Actually, more than one will. I guarantee it!)

So keep a lock on the Sanity Six, go out, and get your dreams, boss lady!

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