9 DIY Tea Recipes To Help You Relax


By De and Kate

Even the fiercest coffee drinkers can appreciate the fact that there’s something altogether ~relaxing~ about drinking a hot cup of tea. Or, there’s something that makes you feel classy about boiling a pot of tea and pouring it into a dainty tea cup. Maybe it’s a throwback to having tea parties as a kid, or maybe it’s all that Downton Abbey imagery, but sometimes you just need a good spot ‘o tea. 

In honor of today being National Relaxation Day, we decided to round up some DIY fancy tea recipes to bring out your inner posh spice. Here are our favs:

1. Earl Grey Vanilla Tea Latte


Recipe & photo via The Busy Baker.

2. Cranberry Spiced Tea


Recipe & photo via Atta Girl Says.

3. Pumpkin Spice Tea


Recipe & photo via Rodale’s Organic Life.

4. Apple Tea


Recipe & photo via Yummy Tummy.

5. Vanilla Green Tea Latte


Recipe & photo via Eugenie Kitchen

6. Hibiscus Tea


Recipe & photo via Top Inspired.

7. Grapefruit Honey Mint Tea


Recipe & photo via Natural Girl Modern World.

8. Sweet Dreams Tea


Recipe & photo via Mommy Potamus.

9. Homemade Chai Tea


Recipe & photo via Gimme Some Oven.

Tell Us: What’s your favorite type of tea?

{featured image via pexels}