I’ll Be A Better Woman Today


By Christie Page

I’ll be a better woman today than I was yesterday. I will continue to be grateful, even for the hard times, even for the pain in my heart. I will continue to seek out the beauty in small things, the miracle in simplicity and the light that I carry within.

I will continue to breathe and hold my head high even when the burdens I carry feel like anchors. I will trust in my inner voice and I will continue to repeat

“I’m going to be okay…I’m going to be okay,”

Even if in the moment I don’t feel that way. I will continue to believe I am made for greater things, to be a voice where others can not. To share the pain, the disappointment, the heartache, the failures and prove that no matter how bad it gets…I will always carry on.

I’ll be a better woman today. I am coaxing my demons from their hiding place and inviting them to play. I’ll be good for all the times I was unable to be. I’ll fall in love with myself all over again because if I can’t love myself who else can?

I’ll continue to put myself in the way of bigger things and remind myself for every time I have faltered I have gotten up. For all the times I have cried I have also laughed. And for all the times I have failed, I have succeeded in some small way.

I’ll hold my own hand and nurture my own heart and tuck myself into bed at night and dream my own dreams and fill my soul as only I can, because I am the only one who knows the voice of my heart and the desires of my skin.

I’ll be a better woman today.

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{featured image via unsplash}