Discovering Essentials Through The Day To Day Details


By Kate

Each time I visit the ocean, I make a point of taking at least a moment or two for a mental snapshot. I stare at its beauty and its vastness and I will myself to remember the feeling of what I know is soon be a memory in my mind.

I store the sensation of the warm sun hitting my bare feet in the sand, and the sound of waves lapping onto the shoreline. I take in the sight of couples strolling along the edge of the place where the water meets the land in their search for seashells, and I listen to kids giddily racing between homemade sandcastles.

For a brief moment, I forget about my plans, worries, insecurities, past, and future. I become present to what is happening right now. And for lack of a better word, it’s kind of magical. Unusual and magical.

Because soon enough, I’ll inevitably return to staring at my cell phone screen, answering emails, jotting down my grocery list, scrolling my missed calls log, and if I’m being honest, watching snapchat stories.

I’m back to the land of being kind of here, in the now, and sort of somewhere else too.

In my own defense, I have responsibilities, commitments, relationships, and jobs that require a level of being on the reachable map. Meaning the whole Thoreau out to the woods to live deliberately thing isn’t happening anytime soon.

That being said, my current routine is far from entirely intentional, or even mostly intentional.

I don’t need to multi-task eating my dinner with watching Mike & Molly, hitting the trending tab on Twitter, and hearing about my husband’s day, nor do I really benefit from it. Yet I do it all the time.

And in doing so, I miss the details. I miss the taste of my favorite food (the cheese on top of sauce on top of crust that is pizza, in case you were wondering), the appreciation for the hilariousness that is Melissa McCarthy, and the legitimate quality time I could have created and enjoyed with my husband.

I miss the moments that I’m sure to someday long for, the way that I often currently and nostalgically reminisce on the moments from my past.

I want more mental snapshots to accompany my album from the beach.

I want to fill the pages of my mind with the first cool sip of my margarita on Friday nights and the smell of pumpkin bread baking in the oven on Saturday morning.

I want a full slideshow complete with the sound of my dad telling a story, and my mom laughing so hard she has tears rolling down her cheeks.

I want to recall the feeling of my nephews reaching out to hold my hand with theirs, knowing that someday they’ll double mine in size.

While I know can’t go off the map entirely, I also know that it’s up to me to make a better effort daily to spend some time away from all the things going on out there and instead focus on the one thing that’s happening right here in front of me.

Because, I want to discover and appreciate the essentials of this life.

{featured image via unsplash}