10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Fall


By De and Kate

Before we jump in, we’ll take a second to glance at our planners and acknowledge that fall is still technically nearly a month away. That being said, doesn’t any true obsession require some level of becoming overly invested and excited before it’s time appropriate? Shout out to all the people putting up their Christmas trees and holiday lights come November 1st! We see you.

We love fall. And in all fairness, it’s a short season. So we might as well get a head start in celebrating it.

After all, in the words of Roald Dahl,

“If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.”

White hot and passionate we are. Here are 10 signs you’re with us:

Your Friends Text You Or Tag You In Any Article About New Pumpkin Spiced Flavored Foods.


Looking at your closet, it appears that your flannel shirt inventory rivals Al Borland’s.


You have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to crunchy leaves, apple cider, scarves, and s’mores.


HomeGoods is a highway to the danger zone. As is Target, Yankee Candle, and the fabric store down the street, even though you don’t even know how to sew.

Fall Shopping

Your response to the mention of apple picking: “I planned out our whole day. First we’ll go to the apple orchard for two hours, then we’ll go to the pumpkin patch, then we’ll eat a whole box of apple cider donut holes as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.”

Apple Picking.gif

You’ll sweat through the month of September if it means wearing oversized sweaters.

Fall TDL

No amount of being called “basic” will stop you from stocking up on canned pumpkin and ordering your PSL.


You start planning your Halloween costume in August, even though there’s at least a 92% chance you won’t even be going out on Halloween. Basically, you plan to wear an 80s leotard on your couch while watching Dateline.


You also have a costume (or 6) for your pets. Because they’ll obviously be on the couch next to you “celebrating”.


2002 or 2020, Ugg Boots for life. Sorry not sorry.


{featured image via unsplash}