How I Became a Minimalist

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By Kenon Lamont Thompson

In today’s society it is pretty obvious to see how individuals are starting to make a paradigm shift in their lifestyles. I grew up in the 90s (the good old years) where being brand loyal to materialistic items was very important. Things such as clothing attire, CD players (aka Walkmans), and sporting equipment were considered things that you should only have by popular name brands. Continue reading

10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Your First Spray Tan


By De Elizabeth

I was always hesitant about spray tans. I had images of orange stripes and was convinced that if I tried it, I’d emerge looking like a neon zebra. Perhaps this was from portrayals of spray tans in sitcoms (I hope you’re also picturing that Friends episode), or maybe it was my own experience with attempting to apply sunless tanner while in high school. However, I’m happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised.  Continue reading

18 Pieces Of (Completely Unsolicited) Advice For My Sisters On Their 18th Birthday


By Jillian Stacia

Today my sweet baby sisters turn 18. Even though I’m excited for them, I know how scary it can be to enter adulthood and feel completely unprepared. Or worse, to enter adulthood feeling completely prepared, and then find yourself smacked in the face on a daily basis by the unbearable weight of everything you do not know. Adulthood can be rough. Amazing and wonderful sure, but also rough. Continue reading

Dear Men: Here’s How To Pick Up A Woman On Tinder (From A Woman’s Perspective)


By Marie

Ah, Tinder. A sea of fish, but, like…not all the fish have great personalities. Or long-term goals. Or scales that look the same in underwater photography as they do IRL. (Okay, that metaphor might be a stretch). But, real talk, it definitely seems like some guys have NO idea what to do with themselves on Tinder. So we’re going to help you out. Here’s how to get your swiping game on point. Continue reading

9 DIY Tea Recipes To Help You Relax


By De and Kate

Even the fiercest coffee drinkers can appreciate the fact that there’s something altogether ~relaxing~ about drinking a hot cup of tea. Or, there’s something that makes you feel classy about boiling a pot of tea and pouring it into a dainty tea cup. Maybe it’s a throwback to having tea parties as a kid, or maybe it’s all that Downton Abbey imagery, but sometimes you just need a good spot ‘o tea.  Continue reading