Four Backpacks That Are Must-Haves For Fall


By Rachela Forcellese

For a long time, I carried around a purse everywhere I went. I own a million purses and I only use about five of them. But when I moved out and no longer had access to a car, I found myself walking everywhere and a purse was just not cutting it for carrying my things.  Purses can be uncomfortable if you are traveling all day and carrying a ton of stuff. Switching back and forth on my shoulders just got cumbersome and exhausting. So, eventually I opted for wearing backpacks everywhere I went. Real talk – I am never going back to purses. There are plenty of adorable backpacks out there and they are a must-have for fall. Whether you are going back to school or not, having a cute backpack is key to looking cute. Here’s a selection of personal favorite backpacks for the season, each in a price range perfect for everyone.

Forever 21 Faux Leather Zipper Backpack


This backpack is easy and cheap and most importantly, very cute. The zippers in the front give it a nice chic biker look and it has amazing side pockets so you can compartmentalize and organize your belongings. Faux leather is nice if you are vegan or just not into spending a ton of money on the real stuff. Sadly, one of the cons of faux leather is that it tends to fall apart after some time. But it’s a plus if your style changes a lot and you’re just looking for something for the fashion season. Not to mention, this bag won’t break your bank. ($29.90, Forever 21)

Herschel Dawson Backpack


Herschel has a a variety and styles, but the Dawson is a large backpack with a lot of different color options. The leather straps in front give it a very vintage look. The polka dots are adorable and the front pockets give it a lot of extra space. The fabric is incredibly lightweight, and the straps aren’t too cumbersome and heavy. This is definitely a great pack if you do a lot of walking. ($64.99, Herschel Supply)

Fjallraven Kånken Classic Backpack


Fjallraven is a Swedish company that specializes in outdoor equipment but their backpacks are totally adorbs. First of all, they are incredibly lightweight and durable because they are designed for hiking. They also come in a variety of eye-popping colors. The handles on top give it a unique shape and you can buy it in large and small sizes. The zipper opens up all around the backpack so you have the full capacity when putting things into the pack. It’s a great laptop bag and even better for walking around any city. ($75, Fjallraven)

Kendall and Kylie Koenji Leather Backpack


While this backpack is a little on the pricier side, there’s a practicality to owning a real leather bag. Yes, they can get a little expensive, but leather lasts a very long time and ages very well. The more aged it looks, the cuter it gets, and you won’t have to replace it for a very long time. It’s a decent investment, not to mention that the Kendall and Kylie collection at Saks is to die for. The asymmetrical zipper gives it that couture high fashion look. The bag comes in both grey and black so you can pick whichever color goes best with your wardrobe. It’s super cute and has a great silhouette; it’s certainly a good conversation piece. ($295, Saks)

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Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash