When it comes to dream jobs, being a celebrity stylist for Hollywood’s biggest stars definitely ranks high on the #goals factor. Between the glamour of living the fashionista lifestyle and the access to the top designers, it’s easy to see why many people would dream of styling A-list celebs. Well, we caught up with one girl who is literally living the dream. 

Ali Levine is New York’s hot shot turned Hollywood “it girl” for fashion styling.  Beginning her career working with such brands as Target and Coach, Ali quickly progressed and is now a top contributor with USA TodayThe LA TimesThe New York TimesRacked, and many other national  media outlets. Known for her “on set styling” for L.A.’s hottest television shows, she can also be found dressing the A-list stars heading to the biggest red carpet events. Ali Levine is an influential fashion blogger, on-camera fashion expert, TV personality and has her own digital channel through Own Zones. Ali can also be seen each week hosting Southern California’s local broadcast “Fashionista’s Now Boarding” as L.A.’s fashion correspondent on CH 63.

We caught up with Ali to ask her about her amazing job, her favorite trends, and what celebs she’d love to work with. Here’s what she had to say!

Thirty On Tap: What is the best thing about your job? 

Ali: The best thing about my job is watching the transformations of my clients before my eyes. I always say confidence is your best accessory, and I truly feel that way. I love watching how excited a client gets in the right color, the right shape, or maybe a trend they were afraid to try. Making people feel beautiful inside and out is such an empowering feeling and I am lucky to be able to do that through my passion for fashion.

Thirty On Tap: What is your favorite current fashion trend?

Ali: I am loving that chokers have come back. They are truly the contour of your accessories. Everyone looks good in them, a choker doesn’t discriminate! I also love stacking. Whether it be stacking your rings and bracelets, or layering your necklaces, or even layering your clothes with different textures and fabrics, I love this look!

Thirty On Tap: What fashion trend do you hope NEVER comes back? 

Ali: I hope the bright neon high socks never come back! Oh and on that note, the neon outfits that people would put with the socks! I mean I am all about your own style, but blinding?! No!

Thirty On Tap: What celeb would you love to work with?

Ali: I would love to work with Zendaya. I love how powerful she is and she truly knows her own fashion. I give her stylist a lot of credit. I’ve met him, and he’s helped Zendaya slay look after look, I love it! Besides her, can we talk about the VMAs and miss Queen Beyonce?! That woman is just power and grace! Who wouldn’t want to style her?!

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