This Is Why I Get So Angry When You Insult Hillary Clinton


By Jillian Stacia

The personal is political. This is one of the most commonly recognized feminist arguments. It highlights the connection between what goes on in a woman’s personal life and the current political infrastructure. Essentially, it means that you are not alone- that what you go through on a day to day, moment by moment basis is not something to ignore or discredit, because it’s not just “your problem”. It’s not individual, it’s collective. It’s a call for the government to defend and reflect the values and needs of women in the same way it defends and reflects the values and needs of men.

But with this election, I’m learning that the reverse is also true. Not only is the personal political, but the political is also incredibly personal.

I love Hillary Clinton for a myriad of reasons, 90% of which are related to her political actions and viewpoints. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also love her because she’s a woman. And for a while, I felt shame about that, like being a woman is something that really shouldn’t matter to me so much. But it does. And that’s okay. I’ve never had a president who looks like me. Hell, I’m an educated, politically active woman and I struggle to name five women politicians who I admire. For me to have a presidential candidate who I can relate to on a personal level? That’s huge.  I’m allowed to love the fact that our candidate is a strong, badass woman without feeling bad about it or having others assume it’s the only reason I’m voting for her.

But when people speak badly about Hillary, I get viscerally and gut-wrenchingly angry. To be fair, I’m always a passionate person. I’m not afraid to mince words. But I pride myself on being open to hearing opposite viewpoints. I firmly believe that there is both value and truth in views that I myself do not hold. I spend way too much time trying to understand where other people are coming from. And I try not to hold people’s beliefs- especially their political beliefs- against them.

But with Hillary, I can’t. The sexist rhetoric that I hear? The bullshit media coverage? It makes me downright red-faced- toddler-throwing-a-temper-tantrum kind of enraged. Because the political is personal.

When people tell me Hillary doesn’t smile enough, I’m reminded of all the times I’ve been told to “cheer up” when I’m not grinning like a buffoon. I’m reminded of when my first internship told me to control my facial expressions, because apparently PR girls can’t do much beside smile and nod. I’m reminded of the “resting bitch face” phenomenon and how annoying it is that the default for women is happy and chipper, even when life is not especially happy or chipper in that particular moment.

When people make fun of Hillary’s clothes, I’m reminded of all the times I’ve been embarrassed of my own outfits. I think about shopping for my first big girl job and searching desperately for clothes that made me look professional, yet stylish. My attire needed to be young, but mature. It needed to be flattering, but not revealing. Of course it shouldn’t be too bold or bright, but boring and beige wasn’t acceptable either. And certainly, for the love of God, not a pantsuit.

When people make fun of Hillary’s voice, I’m reminded of my male friends poking fun at me and asking why I always yell when I get “fired up” about certain issues and topics. “This isn’t yelling,” I’d retort. “This is the tone women take when they have shit to say. You don’t recognize it because we’re constantly underselling our opinions, but this is what an authoritative, passionate woman sounds like.”

When people worry about Hillary’s health and criticize her for campaigning with pneumonia, I think about how I’ve gone to work sick as a dog, afraid to be seen as weak or fragile or not able to cut it. I think about my stupid office air conditioning that always gives me a summer cold. I think about my mother taking care of two toddlers when she herself is sick with the flu. I think about woman after woman, decade after decade, tirelessly doing what needed to be done regardless of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. I think about how strong that is. How that’s truly what it means to be a woman – getting up and doing the work regardless. And then I think about how Hillary was criticized for that very fact. How, through the right lens, even raw strength can be twisted into a woman’s failure.

When people tell me Hillary needs a facelift, I’m reminded about how, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how I look. I’m reminded of all the hours I’ve spent dieting and exercising and plucking and primping, all in the service of being liked, of being respected, of being valued. I think about how I will need to get plastic surgery when I’m older if I want to be liked and respected. Hell, I should probably start the Botox now. I am reminded, for the bazillionth time, that what I look like matters more than what I have to say.

When people talk about how cold Hillary is, when they explain that they don’t like her because she’s awkward and aloof and seemingly untrustworthy, I think about all the times I’ve been judged for my emotions. I think about how many times people have told me I’m being too loud, too sensitive, too passionate. I think about the struggle I face every day between wanting my contributions to be heard and wanting my true self to be seen. When your “youness” is seen as weakness, you put up a shield. That’s why Hillary looks cold. She’s spent years with her guard all the way up. I think about my own guard. I’ve spent years hiding who I am to be taken seriously, to be liked and approved. Is there any wonder Hillary’s done the same? Can I fault a fellow woman for doing what it takes to survive, as a woman and a politician, in the public eye?

The political is personal.

And I’m watching. I’m watching a woman who is arguably the most qualified candidate to run for President, be criticized for her appearance, her voice, her demeanor. I’m watching. Women everywhere are watching. Little girls are watching. What are we seeing? What are we hearing? What are we learning about how to succeed as a woman?

Smile. Dress nicely. Talk softly. Keep up with your looks. Be accommodating.

The political is personal. When you demand Hillary to act a certain way, to look a certain way, to smile a certain way, you’re telling your daughters, your wives, your sisters, your friends that that’s what they need to do, too. It’s all connected. The rules don’t change because she’s a politician. How she is being treated is a direct parallel to the way we’re all being treated on a personal level.

The political is personal. The personal is political.

Either way you spin it, we need to do better.

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66 thoughts on “This Is Why I Get So Angry When You Insult Hillary Clinton

  1. Juniper J Jehoshephat says:

    Thank you. Thank you for this from the bottom of my heart. I am with you and I am with her. You have so eloquently articulated my feelings…feelings that I have had since 2008. This nagging feeling like there is something more going on with this campaign than a true dislike of HRC’s politics and a feeling of disbelief that the quiet sexism I have felt my whole life is finally being exposed and yet we all still have to just sit and continually swallow that bitter pill over and over again. There have been times in this last year that I have looked around in despair and felt like I am in some kind of bizarro world where no one knows or cares about what is going on. Posts like this make me feel less alone. I hear you. I am here and I get you. We have a shared experience as women. You are not alone.

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    • Jillian says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! I’m so glad the piece resonated with you. You’re right- we are not alone, and we need to keep standing up against this discreet sexism in any way we can.

      Thank you for reading!

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      • Carolyn Peters-Eckel says:

        You are not alone. Thank you for putting my thoughts also into clear words. 43 years ago I started officiating soccer games. I was one of only TWO women officials in the whole country. I got comments like “Why are not at home baking cookies” and other things meant to intimidate. I have learned to ignore, but it still grates on me when I hear any disparaging words about any woman. I screamed and wrote letters and emails when I learned that the USA Women’s World Cup Champions got paid HALF that the men’s team. Reason? less fans?: they did a count: MORE spectators. We need to continue speaking up. Thank you.

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    • Laurence Hazlewood (@laurencehazlew1) says:

      I am a man, a white man, and I mean a MAN. Not a whiny, momma-cosseted little boy who thinks his needs and feelings deserve priority. Not a misogynistic and controlling little boy who can only assert his manhood by demeaning others, usually women and who derives HIS power by denying the power of others. As a Man I too am angered when I see a woman – in this case – Hillary Clinton – being vilified , judged on metrics that have no validity whatsoever, excoriated for things that the vast majority of “Little Boys” would never in a month of Sundays consider applicable to them.

      There are far too many flabby, mealy-mouthed, incompetent and frankly obscene “Little Boys” in this world and in particular in Politics and the Media. This is where they can get off on the illusion that they have power and importance. As soon as they begin to acquire an understanding that – by and large – women are far more capable, efficient and creative than they will ever be, they see their power at risk and as with all little boys use the only tactic they have – to bully and demean.

      Donald Trump is just such a “Little Boy” who, in his case is also saddled with the knowledge that he can never obtain his Father’s approval and in all likelihood was not loved by his mother. either. HIS power comes from his bombast and a pathological incapacity for empathy, integrity and morality. He has managed to combine these into a steamroller effect that brooks no opposition nor well-meant advice. He is a real danger to humanity and the continued existence of life on this planet.

      There is a corollary to this however. It is in the willingness of way too many women to bitch (I use the term advisedly) against other women they perceive as being “too uppity”. To apply standards to them that they flatly refuse to accept for themselves. The “sisterhood” is far too fragile and I’m afraid that ignorance and bigotry are not purely Male defects. It may be that a large number of insecure women still seek approval from their “menfolk” by bowing down to them and adopting the accepted “wisdom”. Or perhaps they just won’t accept that a woman can be tough, honest, loyal and sincere and have a social conscience that prompts public service.

      I have researched extensively the lies, the blatant hostility, the outright myths and fantasies that surround Hillary Clinton. Time after time they prove to be will’o’the wisps, lacking all substance. Her record of service on the other hand is so well documented that a blind man with a learning disorder could find it. I know why the “Deplorables” refuse to look at it. It would challenge them in their cosy delusions that all their troubles are someone else’s fault and remove from them a target that is easy to hit.

      I am honestly scared – not as an American – thankfully I don’t have THAT problem, but as a World Citizen, of the power of ignorance and bigotry that pervades our society. It is malign and self-defeating and has the energy to bring down us all.

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      • Laurence Hazlewood (@laurencehazlew1) says:

        LINARDS BĒRZIŅŠ (@LINARDS_BERZINS) is the Exemplar Parfait of what I was saying in my comment.

        As a psychologist I am very Familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how it explains the process of intellectual, emotional and societal development of human beings. I also know that very few men successfully achieve full mastery of Level 3 and even fewer of Level 4. Those who attain Level 7 can be counted on 2 hands.

        LINARDS BĒRZIŅŠ (@LINARDS_BERZINS) has yet to complete Level 2. I doubr that he ever will, at least not in THIS lifetime.

        I rate Donald Trump as still being stuck in Level 1.

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      • Janice D says:

        Thank you for this thoughtful and most accurate assessment of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Pray that America has the wisdom to elect Hillary!


      • chaplynn03 says:

        What you write makes sense, very much so. I wonder if any of the prejudice against Hillary Clinton has anything to do (in a convoluted way perhaps) with what is known as the Queen Bee Syndrome, where women bosses do not support, even subterfuge their underling’s goals. There are also sometimes what I call the QB’s “henchwomen” who consistently subterfuge the other underling. To use a more childlike term, Hillary Clinton has been “picked on” for all of her political life. Lawrence, I appreciate your wisdom. Peace.


    • Karen says:

      Great commentary! Thank you for taking the time to write this. Hillary deserves to be treated with reepect. She isn’t given that level of respect due her- just one more reason that her gender as candidate for President is such a historic event. It is very hard for many men to accept.


    • Kathleen Bolton says:

      Are you kidding me? I vote for results, and this woman as of today has none. This is probably one of the most trumped up endless waste of sentiments I have read in quite a while. I am a graduate of a University who stressed excellence. To vote for anyone who has no achievements, simply because she’s female is a waste of intellengence and ideals, when she earns respect she will receive it. When she deserves my vote she will receive it no until then madam.


      • chaplynn03 says:

        I am not voting for her because she is a woman. I believe she is being persecuted much because she is a woman. I don’t understand how you can say she has no achievements. I wonder where you get your information.


      • Anna Carter says:

        Kathleen Bolton, if you are not a sad, sad troll (and I suspect you are trying to be, but whatever) here is a list of Hillary Clinton’s achievements, to date: Which of these do you find insufficient to meet the superior standards of your “University who [sic] stressed excellence”? What, exactly, does she need to do to “deserve” your vote and “earn respect”? I mean, she could have gotten a Ph.D. along with that J.D. from Yale Law School….what a slacker!

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      • Dcntim says:

        I you consider building skyscrapers and hotels and casinos achievement then Trump could be considered a success…..except that his business ethics leave much to be desired. He has re-negotiated contracts after the work has been completed and always at the expense of the common man. Politically he has NO experience. What he does have is a bombastic, anti women, anti ethnic attitude which manifests itself in crude and derogatory statements against women and minorities. Having said that I admit that Clinton is a less than perfect candidate but to claim she has no achievement is a flat out lie. She has served well in the US Senate and served as US Secretary of State. If she wasn’t who she was anyone would recognize that as real achievement. So, be a hater. Vote your conscience. And God help us, if Trump wins don’t come whining to anyone except him. He is the man of no moral fiber and little political achievement. No wait, let me amend that, he has no political achievement.


    • Becca says:

      I think a woman could do a great job as president and the comments on the hair/makeup and clothes really bugs me. But I cannot vote for Hillary because of her lies, deleting emails, destroying phones, the way she attempted to destroy the women that came forward with allegations against Bill re sexual harassment and the way they stole votes from Bernie.


      • Lori H says:

        Absolutely agree. I don’t care what she wears, how much she smiles, what she sounds like, none of that. Her supporters insult me when they think that’s why I don’t like her. I dislike her because she is a sleazy liar. Period. How can she say that she supports women after the way she treated the women who bravely came out with accusations against her husband, and her Foundation takes lots of money from countries that abuse women? She will sell out America in a second if it enriches her, The fact that Trump is awful does not make her any better.


      • Mitch says:

        I’m sorry you believe those things. Just to take one of them, she didn’t try to “destroy” any women. You don’t have a shred of evidence for that, it’s just what Fox has repeated over and over until people decide it must be true.

        Think for a moment about the misogyny contained in that accusation. Her husband cheated on her and of course she was hurt. How could she not be. But she stayed with him because they had a child and a life together and you know what, I believe she loves him. But we have to dehumanize her, so it’s all about how if she stayed it’s only because she’s cold and calculating or she went after the women or God knows what else. All without evidence. Just venom.

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    • Geraldine Fanelli says:

      the truth of the matter is simply – neither of the candidates is qualified to be our Commander in Chief – this entire election is a sham, and in the end, whomever we end up with, will not be there long – it will only be a matter of time when the one who makes it gets canned through impeachment. The Voters today have been duped by the media who are pushing their ideology down our throats. Americans need to rise up and stand up for our rights. There is too much political correctness and not enough genuine compassion and sensitivity.


      • FD says:

        Notice the 3rd party candidates who have been systematically shut out of the debates. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson and many others deserve the kind of money and the forums the two “sanctioned” candidates have. Further, pick up a copy of Ratf**ked: The True Story Behind the Secret Plan to Steal America’s Democracy. You’ll see how rigged our “elections” really are.


    • Hydra says:

      And I think Hillary supporters are forgetting what she really stands for: more wars for oil, fracking and corporate involvement in government. Why the blind eyes to all that? She’s no longer a liberal Democrat, she’s a Repuvlican.


  2. dkc5 says:

    Thank you, Jill, for articulating my feelings so well. If I had a dime for every time I’ve yelled at the TV or radio for the sexist crap that passes for journalistic criticism of Hillary, I’d be a rich woman.
    Like Juniper, I feel like I’m in a parallel universe, listening to the same biased comments over and over – including from some women ‘journalists’ who should know better. With the ‘untrustworthy/unlikeable’ meme that’s pounded home over and over, it’s no damn wonder voters think that way.

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  3. Don Krieger says:

    Thank you for your honesty and clarity on this.
    You lay out so many ways in which attacks on Secretary Clinton evoke larger than life reactions from you.
    To evoke those reactions is the goal of those whose arguments are aimed at your vulnerabilities rather than at the issues.
    Interestingly, that is the only aim of Mr. Trump’s arguments.

    Thank you again. Best – Don

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  4. sharonseamanfitness says:

    Thank you Jill for putting into words all of my feelings about Hillary and watching the first woman standing on the precipice of becoming President. I found myself nodding in agreement while reading and recognizing all the feelings you raised. I find myself yelling at the TV every damn day about the disparity in the way Hillary is covered (including the primary race) vs. all of her MALE challengers. I’ve watched in disbelief at how the lame stream media has reported every single item they could portray negatively about Hillary while propping up Sanders and Trump…Hell all the free media coverage Trump enjoyed during his Primary race made me scream even louder. I have waited 8 long years to cast my vote for Hillary and I am counting minutes until November 8 arrives. I will stay up all night to watch the results come in and, if this country does the right and sane thing and actually elects her, then I plan to watch that announcement with pride and tears streaming down my face.

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  5. Karen in Ohio says:

    Thank you, Jill, for articulating so well my own thoughts.

    My own three brilliant grown daughters have their futures at stake here. My time is pretty much done, but I want them to have the choice to follow whatever additional dreams they may have, including to the White House if they’re crazy enough to wish for such a thing.

    But my own essential concern about sexism like that you so eloquently portray is how it has led to wasting more than 50% of the brainpower of the world. Women have at least as much to share as men, and very possibly way more. Our lack of testosterone is a bonus, in my opinion, not a defect. Who knows what potential the human race holds, if we could fully tap into all available intelligence.

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  6. Linards Bērziņš (@Linards_Berzins) says:

    Ok, All valid points, but do people even pay attention to her disastrous foreign policy track record? The DNC leaks, voting for Iraq war (no WoMD were never found, and were lied about), Clinton Foundation frauds (Haiti the most prominent), deleting clasifiedd emails, FBI coverup (“patriots” envoking the 5th Amendment, refusing to answer any questions), Covering Bills dirty deeds (we all know the sleazy F&*@$%R), trying to take $190,000 in gifts and furnishings from the presidential mansion, Filegate: FBI files on GOP “enemies”, Chinagate: Sale of high-tech secrets, ‘Landing under sniper fire’ in Bosnia, Hillary’s ‘missing’ law firm billing records, Pardongate: Hillary Senate contributions, Benghazi: 4 American lives lost, the list is much longer. I really do not care who is in the WH, a woman or a man. I care about their list of a acheivments the person has done. and choosing lesser between two evils is never a calming situation.

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    • Karen in Ohio says:

      Even if ANY of your rants are true (which they are not), leave that aside for a minute, and lets focus on your last sentence, shall we? Who, of the four declared and nominated candidates running for President this year, has a “list of achievments (sic)” more impressive than Secretary Clinton’s? Hmm?

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    • karen says:

      Those are valid points to criticize Secretary Clinton on. Her record and her actions. But that is not really insulting her, it is assessing her abilities. And that is what we are supposed to be doing when we elect a President. Not discuss how much she smiles.
      PS, you left out that she aided overthrowing a democratically elected government in Honduras while Secretary of State. She does not have a good foreign policy record. (her opponents have none at all)


    • Terry says:

      Most if not all of the “charges” you levelled against Hillary have been either clearly proven wrong after millions were spent trying ( AND FAILING) to find something legitimate to pin on her, OR were events that would have occurred regardless of who was in the position she held at the time OR are things that go on in politics on a regular basis but have only been constantly hashed and rehashed because it’s Hillary (and she’s a woman, and a woman who “let” her husband stray which is even worse). As for the Clinton Foundation, I really wish people would do their homework. The Clinton Foundation has NO fraud whatsoever attached to it. In fact its got the highest rating possible as an ethical and transparent organisation from the peak independent body for charities. Nothing that has been levelled against them & their charity holds up under the smallest scrutiny. If you want to see what an actual fraudulent charity looks like may I suggest you look in the other direction – at Donald Trump’s Foundation – for a text book example. I also suggest you stop listening to the spin masters who can’t handle a woman being so powerful and do some actual research of your own. You’ll discover why Hillary is one of the worlds most admired & respected women of all time but one who has been, for a number of reasons, deliberately portrayed as evil, unlikable, dishonest, etc blah blah ad nauseum DESPITE the reality being the opposite. Has she made mistakes along the way? Probably, she’s not an android. Has she deliberately, wantonly, arrogantly done the wrong thing out of greed, pride, anger, selfishness or pure disregard for the welfare of others? I doubt it. There is no “lesser of two evils” here. There is only a decent, well qualified, great candidate vs a lying, cheating, hate-mongering, abusive, racist, misogynist, bigoted, ignorant, self-obsessed, stupid, narcissistic & dangerous con man. The fact that you think they’re anywhere near comparable is disturbing.

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  7. Van Montfalcon says:

    Of course, it wouldn’t be the internetz without a white male chauvinist pig jumping in to spin lies and screech “it’s not cuz she’s a woman!” Yeah. It is. Screw you, Lincads. You are the problem. 77 Senators voted yes for the Iraq war. Only Hillary is blamed, but not Bush or Cheney who were the ones who did the lying those votes were based upon?? 60 embassy deaths under the previous Secretary of State, but 4 under Hillary means she’s evil? (Spoiler alert, people who take jobs in dangerous nations overseas know that can happen. They know as they train. They know before they leave. Libya was dangerous, and it’s no ones fault but the murderers.) Still harping on emails means you’re accusing the FBI of lying. And the DoD and DoJ. It’s all been debunked, not that misogynists will ever care. But my god, can you assholes even HEAR yourselves? All these insane projections, myths, or decades of GOP smears is frankly just one more sexist problem about how the first woman candidate is being treated differently. Nothing Bill did is her crime. Nothing was sold to China. There are no Clinton Foundation frauds. Good grief, take off the tinfoil hats and quit embarrassing yourselves. It’s just a convenient narrative you’ve swallowed whole because you WANT TO. Because deep down, a woman holding power jut pisses you off. Tough. Get over it. It’s happening.

    Jillian Stacia, you’re awesome.
    Ignore the idiots. As usual.

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    • Linards Bērziņš (@Linards_Berzins) says:

      Your’re funny, there is no sane argument to vote for that criminal to be POTUS… Clinton’s Foundation took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid. And there is more Wikileaks to come, which will destroy her… I did not say that other senators did not vote against the war in Iraq, they all are criminals who did, knowing of NO WoMD and voting to invade the country where 500.000 innocent lives were lost, is CRIMINAL. Sort your priorities out “exceptional” American…. 😀

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      • ronifae says:

        Linards, I’d be interested in your source for those Clinton Foundation figures. It gets an A rating from Charity Watch ( and a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator ( Carly Fiorina spread a bunch of falsehoods about the Foundation and got FactCheck’s attention ( and failed.
        Bush lied when he said he wanted the resolution passed so he could use it to threaten Hussein. Part of Hillary’s speech when she voted: ““Even though the resolution before the Senate is not as strong as I would like in requiring the diplomatic route first … I take the president at his word that he will try hard to pass a United Nations resolution and seek to avoid war, if possible. Because bipartisan support for this resolution makes success in the United Nations more likely and war less likely—and because a good faith effort by the United States, even if it fails, will bring more allies and legitimacy to our cause—I have concluded, after careful and serious consideration, that a vote for the resolution best serves the security of our nation. If we were to defeat this resolution or pass it with only a few Democrats, I am concerned that those who want to pretend this problem will go away with delay will oppose any United Nations resolution calling for unrestricted inspections.”

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      • Suzanne says:

        Linards, I write about nonprofits and philanthropy and wanted to let you know the figures about how much the Clinton Foundation spends on direct aid have been widely misinterpreted. The $9 million you refer to covers grants to other organizations. But that’s only a small part of the foundation’s spending on charitable programs. It provides most of the services directly — similar to an organization like the Red Cross. Charity watchdogs say the Clinton Foundation devotes more than 80 percent, perhaps up to 88 percent, of its spending on programs (as opposed to administration and fundraising). Here’s a PolitiFact article that lays this out in more detail:

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    • Brian says:

      Harsh words from a typical left wing liberal who refuses to see the truth about that despicable Hillary. She hasn’t accomplished any track record if anything accept making money from foreign governments who support a religion that murder and beat women who hate and kill gays. Look up all the dirty deeds thus women has done get your head out of the hole it’s in. She is so corrupt she protected her cheating husband and made his victims look like liars. Her email scandal never ends she lied about that. Unfit to run for any office. Vote for a real change vote Donald J Trump

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      • chaplynn03 says:

        Trump who has not paid his bills to the businesses he contracted with? The man who makes fun of people with disabilities? The man who talks down to anyone who disagrees with him? The man who uses his dislike of political correctness to be rude and mean? Can you give us evidence of what you speak? Can you separate Mrs. Clinton the wife from Mrs. Clinton the politician?

        You are right. Donald Trump would be a real change. We could all kiss life as we know it, good or bad goodbye. Nuclear codes in the hands of a man with no empathy? Hurt his feelings because they are all that counts to him, and boom! There goes a missile.

        I invite you to discover what she has done, what she has done that is good. There is plenty.

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  8. Margaret Conlon-M says:

    Of course “people” pay attention to her to-date foreign policy track record. She has made mistakes, she admits to many.
    The listing shown in your comments? Don’t get me started on your “Benghazi: 4 American lives lost” because it is easy fewer than the Marines’ who lost their livrs in Beirut under then-President Ronald Reagan, but that is rarely referenced during the anti-Hillary campaign alive and active for years now. Being in the public eye for all of her adult life, being fallible, and–yes– being a woman….the burden placed on her has no equivalency in this 2016 campaign. None.

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  9. Troy says:

    Great Site…..Wonderful Read about Hillary.Hillary is a Rock. I Love Hillary SO DAMN MUCH. The Hate really does Tick me Off all the Time.


  10. Mary says:

    Great read Jillian. I must say, I don’t agree, though. This is the first time in the history of elections, I am seriously afraid to vote. I do not like or trust either candidate. I do not think either is right for the job and am left wondering, how we got here? I feel I’m forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. I don’t trust Hilary Clinton, she has lied and cheated on so many levels. Donald Trump is angry, spews hate and a loose cannon. So, this election leaves me feeling the nagging sense that we’’ll be betrayed – no matter who we select.


      • ronifae says:

        “MATTHEWS: Where would we drop — where would we drop a nuclear weapon in the Middle East?
        TRUMP: Let me explain. Let me explain.
        Somebody hits us within ISIS — you wouldn`t fight back with a nuke?

        MATTHEWS: OK. The trouble is, when you said that, the whole world heard it. David Cameron in Britain heard it. The Japanese, where we bombed them in 45, heard it. They`re hearing a guy running for president of the United States talking of maybe using nuclear weapons. Nobody wants to hear that about an American president.
        TRUMP: Then why are we making them? Why do we make them?”

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  11. Lana Sing says:

    Thank you with all my heart for speaking this truth so eloquently on behalf of so many of us. I know Hillary has her faults and her flaws but I could not be more proud of her. I hope and pray we get to see her elected as the first woman president.

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  12. Parker says:

    You seem to be addressing the silly arguments people make for not supporting Hillary Clinton rather than the stronger ones. Political candidates whether male or female are criticized for just about everything. But ignoring the bigger issues of widespread corruption and inconsistencies in positions is the main reason people have trouble supporting her.


  13. Anna Maria Dorfmeister says:

    What a terrible attemp to justify something so pitty. People do not attack Hill because of her face-lifts. People refuse to vote for her poor record and the constant lies! I’m choosing Jill Stein in these elections!


  14. streetcatadmin says:

    Although I don’t have to live with the expectations our society puts on women within myself, I see it and it pisses me off, too. Not bad enough to throw a tantrum usually (per the author), but enough to ruin my afternoon. I am a born, dyed-in-the-wool feminist, and always will be. There is far too much talk in this campaign from men and women (far more from the men, usually) on the left and right about myths and issues that are meaningless to governing. Hillary is reliable, capable and willing. She has the agenda we need, per the party platform and per her own personal views (which have developed very nicely through the 1990s and 2000s, thank you, just like most of the world. I was way ahead of my time in a lot of human rights and social issues, thanks to my parents, but I don’t expect everyone else to have been correct from the beginning.) She has a vision for America that I would like her to state more forcefully, because it’s a great one. She has proven that she cares about people. People who have worked with her all respect her. Of all four players still on the field, she alone can lead this country well. She is a winner. I’m with her.

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  15. ideasamericanblog says:

    I understand that Hillary Clinton might be maligned for the wrong reasons and undoubtedly there is a certain amount of sexism when it comes to criticism. However, Hillary Clinton is one of the least qualified candidates to run for President in a long time. She only looks good because she is running against THE least qualified candidate to run for President in history. And even then, she is having a hard time. That type of criticism isn’t sexism. It’s not personal. She is simply the wrong person for the job. She has a record of bad judgment, both in actual policy decisions and political strategies.


  16. howiesview says:

    The left is forever blind when it comes to their idols. There are plenty of Trump voters who worship the guy, but most people that I know are voting for him don’t really love him. They just know how messed up she’s been as a leader in the past. They’re sick of it.

    The Middle East is a disaster. Directly because of her foreign policy decisions. Thousands dead. Thousands homeless. All because she is really bad at this. Not to mention she lies her way out of everything…the Bernie supporters knew this. Then she robbed those people of who they wanted.

    People always say, “do you want Trump’s finger on the nuclear button…”
    My answer is no.

    Hillary is putting that button in the hands of people in Iran who kill gays, persecute women, and preach death to America. She is infinitely more dangerous than Donald Trump.

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  17. Ali Leach says:

    Love this. I would add a few more:

    When people attack her for lying, I am reminded of the many ways women – especially ambitious women – are viewed as devious in our culture. From songs to books to shows to movies to gossip to our treatment of rape victims, women are seen as untrustworthy, cunning, dangerous, manipulative shrews who use others to advance their own selfish ends. I am reminded that many people are viewing the attacks on Hillary through this lens. Lying, selfish women is a trope in our culture that goes deep. I am reminded that we’re all primed and ready to believe it.

    When people attack her for being elitist, in bed with corporations; when they shame her for accepting money for speeches, I am reminded of how hard it is for a woman to make it to the top of any industry and how uncomfortable we are with successful women. I am reminded of how often when a girl or woman does succeed, how gleefully we love to take her down, watch her fall, and send her back to obscurity. I am reminded of how far this tendency of the tribe to eat its own goes back, back to my own elementary and middle school days when girl after girl gained confidence and was clawed back down by the cruel and insecure masses. I am reminded of the double standards women are held to in almost every aspect of our lives. Be successful, but don’t be greedy. Be ambitious, but don’t step on any toes. Be smart, but don’t be wonky or annoying. Be like the men, but hold yourself to a higher standard than the men. Change the world, but you have to play the rules of the world in order for anybody to listen to you as you try to change it. Play the game, but don’t make any mistakes.

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  18. politicallycorrectmontevistastudents says:

    Jillian Stacia –
    After reading your article, “This is Why I Get So Angry When You Insult Hillary Clinton” it is eyeopening to see all the negative attention that comes with presidency. I have recently started researching the ideas and concepts of politics. I became very interested when I saw your article and your firm conviction when it comes to Hillary Clinton. People often hold women to high expectations and have the perception that everyone needs to be “perfect,” which is very unrealistic. However, this idea of “perfect” behavior goes for men too, and our other candidate, Mr. Trump. It is often said he needs to smile more, he needs to watch what he says, he needs to be more respectful, and he is made fun of for his looks. I believe this concept of shaming someone goes for both candidates, the gender of the victim does not matter. I am still researching and may not know much about the arguments that go back and forth between the debate, but it is clear to see how both candidates have faced some hatred over this past year. We need to stop shaming for foolish things, and take action as a nation to focus on the things that matter. Such as the beliefs and benefits each candidate can offer.
    Thank you!


  19. politicssquare says:

    No matter what her past is but she is a 100% better option than “Crooked” Donald Trump. Donald Trump is destroying his own campaign in which he only had a minimum contribution. He is destroying the funds of those who eagerly funded him. Don’t he know that his Republican supporters are women as well.

    Hillary has a proper planning from each category. She and both Bernie have a vision even though Bernie didn’t went up.

    Trump only has few plans which include building wall, anti immigrants and refugees and guns.



    • diplomaticyouth says:

      Donald Trump does had an adequate plan, which has more than building walls. I while I am completely opposed to his views, it is unfair to say that he doesn’t have a plan. However, if his plan is carried out, it is likely to destroy the American middle class, which comprises roughly 80% of America.
      Also, Trump does not have any outside funds, particularly because his own business well funds his campaign. This is why he able to bash so many other businesses and the government without seeing the consequences.

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      • politicssquare says:

        But we shouldn’t forget that he is saying all because of the 3rd party funds. He will go bankrupt if he invest his all money on campaigns. His stakeholders and investors have a great stake in his campaign and Trump would say anything that would please them and if not they will back off from funding him. Same applies to the scenario in Democrats.


      • Travellerkc says:

        Donald Trump spent $2 million of his own funds. The remainder came from such campaigns as Facebook and social media requests for funds (trust me even I a devout BLUE person for life was contacted via Facebook begging for money), as well as large donors (of which I am sure Russia had something to do with his funding * in a roundabout way). T) say different is to stretch the truth.


  20. diplomaticyouth says:

    I feel like there are some more serious issues pertaining as to why voters do not like Hillary as a candidate; however, I completely agree with you that the media’s attitude towards women, especially in politics, is much more condescending and superficial than what women deserve.


  21. Darlene says:

    I love Hillary Clinton for a myriad of reasons, 90% of which are related to her political actions and viewpoints. could you please expand on this? I’m still trying to find out what her viewpoints are, as well as her positive political actions.


  22. Mike says:

    Sorry, there is no defending those North Korean dictator suits she has been wearing. No matter how many pretty or mind altering words applied.


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