10 Times Amy Poehler Was Beyond Relatable

Amy Poehler

By Jillian Stacia

Amy Poehler is one of my ultimate celebrity role models. She’s funny, sassy, incredibly talented, and full of sage wisdom. Whether she’s living it up on Saturday Night Live, hosting award shows, playing Leslie Knope on Parks and Rec, or writing a book, Amy never fails to provide a much needed perspective on what it’s like to be a woman in today’s society.

In honor of her birthday, here’s a collection of some of my all-time favorite Amy Poehler wisdom, perfect for almost any situation:

1. For all those times you’ve wanted to make the joke, but were afraid of falling flat:


2. For when you’re ready to make a change:2

3. For when you are standing in front of the mirror pinching your stomach:


4. For when you’re craving authenticity:


5. For when someone calls you bossy:


6. For when you want to do the Wobble at your cousin’s wedding but are too insecure about dancing in public:


7. For when your friend makes a decision you don’t necessarily agree with:


8. For when you can’t stop overanalyzing:


9. For when you feel terrified of taking the next step:


10. For when you don’t know what to do:


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