Hitting The Reset Button


By Kate

Often times when I take or teach a yoga class, we begin the practice by looking inward. Checking in with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves. Noticing tightness and tension. Thoughts and feelings. Essentially, acknowledging whatever unseen things we carried with us to our mats.

I appreciate the guided questioning and encouragement to take note of what’s happening in my headspace and in my heart, as I usually come to find that it’s the first time I’ve had the chance to acknowledge those parts of myself all day.

My body has a way of stealing the show. I’ve spent a lot of energy catering to it, fueling the war between the abs I’d like to have in a bikini and the dessert I’d like to enjoy after dinner. From the minute I put on my leggings and notice the tightness in the band sitting across my waistline to the second I glance in the mirror and see that the color on my face has lost its summer glow, my focus is on the physical.

Not only has my body been at the top of the hierarchy of my various selves – it’s become somewhat of a boss to the others. As soon as I zoom in on a photo, and zero in on my armpit fat or my forehead vein, I can feel my confidence and self-worth falter. The familiar feeling that I’m not (ever) quite good enough resurfaces, and in turn, creates an internal emotional shit storm.

My body is important and it’s done so much for me. But it isn’t all that I am. I don’t want it to be. It’s time, in fact it’s past time, to nurture the other parts of who I am. I want to know what makes me feel at home and when I feel most alive. I want to know what feeds my soul and what fuels my passion. I want to know what makes me laugh and what sends waves of feelings through me.

Of course, I want to love my body. Who doesn’t? But loving my body doesn’t mean obsessing over my body. And besides, far beyond loving my body, I want to love myself. I’m overdue in discovering what exists beyond the exterior. I want to know what’s happening in the places that no one else can see, but that I experience every single day.

I’m not giving up on self-care. I’m simply letting the other parts of me aside from my physical body take the front seat and play catch up for a while. I’m nourishing my soul. I’m expanding my thoughts. I’m getting in touch with what I believe. I’m choosing to change my focus. Perhaps in checking in with the other parts of who I am, I’ll find that my body is exactly as it should be.

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One thought on “Hitting The Reset Button

  1. Ali says:

    Love this piece concerning the mind, body and spirit. We’re a bunch of imbalanced people muddling through life. I too am done “surviving” and ready to start thriving. In order to be truly alive we must learn to acknowledge and accept ourselves (in our totality:). Love you-


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