12 Things No One Tells You About Life After College


By Livi Wilkes

Entire days dedicated to watching Netflix are no longer a thing and you no longer have to scrape change together to afford cereal. Congratulations, and welcome to adulthood. We’re here for you. Here are 12 things that no one will tell you…but we will.

1. 9-5’s are hard work.


Gone are the days of a lecture at 1pm and another at 4pm. In this adult world, you’re expected to work from 9am to 5pm every day. Ew.

2. Weekends become everything.


At college, weekdays and weekends could blur into one. That Friday ~feeling~~ people speak of? It’s so real. Friday afternoon as the weekend is approaching feels like the countdown to Christmas.

3. You actually have money to spend on yourself – guilt free!


You no longer have to shop at Primark and feel ridiculously guilty for splashing out on dry shampoo. Girl, you want a spontaneous wash and blow dry at the salon?! Go get it!

4. People assume you’re a fully functioning adult right away.


Like, they expect you to know how to do adult things such as book an appointment with the doctor by yourself?! Or, even worse, know what to do when your car breaks down. Um, help!

5. You hardly ever have *any* time to binge-watch Netflix.


The duvet days with back-to-back Gilmore Girls is a thing of the past. You’re lucky if you manage to squeeze in one episode a week.

6. Three weeks off for Christmas and a two-month long summer? Never. Happening. Again.


In this world, you have to ask permission to have a vacation. That means you have to plan your trips away in advance. Say goodbye to spontaneous city breaks and camping trips, my friends.

7. Bed time is before midnight.


How on EARTH did I stay awake until 2am?! Half 10pm is bed time, any later and you seriously risk falling asleep at your desk the next day.

8. You realize that your degree doesn’t reflect what you want to spend your life doing.


You realize that studying a subject and actually doing a subject are two very different things. Cue life mid life crisis at the age of 21.

9. You look forward to retirement.


You mean I have to do this every day for FORTY YEARS? Oh dear God please help me.

10. You utilize your planner more than you ever thought you would.


Keeping track of dates with friends, families and partners can no longer fit in your brain, you have to take to a schedule to make sure you don’t double book.

11. Mature boys actually do exist! And not every date happens at the bar.


You suddenly become way too sophisticated for Tinder and you try not to keel over in shock when a very pleasant guy asks you on an *actual* date. Say goodbye to cheap beer and hello to dinner and the cinema.

12. You learn how to make meals that aren’t just Ramen.


Adults know how to make *real* meals. Your time at college made you forget these meals exist and you soon find out not every food needs tomato sauce coated all over it to taste good.

Congratulations, you’ve graduated into the real world! Let’s start adult-ing.

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  1. eblumberg11 says:

    I feel like this article says you go from 21 to 50 in one fell swoop. Going to bed before midnight? Utilizing a planner? In your Twenties? Even Thirties and Forties? Or maybe that’s why I’m not more successful.


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