It’s Time To Start Living


By Lauren Cavallaro Wicklund

Time. We all need more of it. How on earth can we cross the million things off our to-do lists if there is so much to do and so little time?

Despite the desire for time to slow down, I’ve caught myself far too many times wishing time would go faster. There were math classes I mentally attempted to turn the dial of the clock forward 2 hours, meetings I wished had been over 20 minutes ago, and traffic that I was stuck in for far too long. I’ve had countless moments that I was patiently (read: impatiently) waiting to see a loved one and would start counting down the days until I would see them. Counting…down…the…days. That doom and gloom statement of crossing days off.

But what if I gave my days a big ol’ gold star and a high five instead of a large ‘X?’

I was such a daredevil as a child. Roller coasters, heights, speed- sign me up! However, somewhere along the way, as I started counting down the time instead of counting up all of the amazing things life had to offer, I became less daring. As more and more people in my life grew ill or passed, I started to hang on more tightly to every moment. I began to back away from life rather than live life.

I think the contradiction for many of us is that the older we get, the harder it is to live full out which is actually quite ironic when you stop to think about it. People often make “lists to do before they die” but why aren’t we making “lists to do to fully live”?

Time isn’t wait for us to die, time is waiting for us to live. I want my list to read ‘do something everyday that makes you feel alive and makes others smile’. I want my list to say ‘laugh and love as hard as you can, as long as you can, with as many people as you can’. I want my list to remind me to ‘stop wasting time and start living time’. (And, I also want my list to encourage that I ‘eat more cheeseburgers’ for my husband, but I digress.)

Time reminds us that there is no room for a bad day. My dad always says that he’s never had a bad day in his life. Bad things might happen to him in his day, but that doesn’t make it a bad day. As long as he has a roof over his head, air to breathe, and a family that loves him and he loves in return – it’s been a great day.

That’s what matters: People. Breath. Life.

Right now, right were you are, take a breath – you have everything you need, right there in that breath. We are alive and we have a chance to make a difference each and every moment, so why not do it? The next time something bad happens to you, don’t let it turn your whole day bad. Time is worth living. And there are always puppies, ice cream, football, and Hallmark movies to help along the way.

Our time is fragile and what we do with it is a miracle. I don’t know where I’ll be 10 months, 10 years, or 10 decades from now, but as long as I am blessed to wake up every morning, I will do whatever I can to make myself and the world come alive. That is what we need – more than anything else in this world – people that have come alive as their truest selves.

I want time to matter and I want to use my time to show as many people as possible that I love them, that I believe in them, and that they are amazing. Kid President (google him immediately if you don’t know him) is one of my all-time favorite people and he always ends his talks with “give the world a reason to dance”.

We get to dance every day. So, whether it be 80’s, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, or P Diddy – I hope you put on music and take the time to dance today. Celebrate time. Dance all out. Dance all day. Dance in every moment. And for goodness sake, dance in the rain. Put on your boogie shoes and take the time to dance. Because time spent dancing is time spent living.

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