10 Memes That Are Way Too Relatable For Coffee Addicts

By De and Kate

Coffee addicts have one thing in common: the knowledge of coffee’s essential role to everyday life. Without coffee, there would be no survival. Without coffee, we would be meaningless creatures. Without coffee, there would just be no purpose.

In honor of National Coffee Day, we decided to round up some of the most relatable coffee memes that currently exist. They pretty much sum up life for coffee addicts, so don’t be surprised if you’re fiercely nodding your head and saying, “Same, TBH.”

1. When drinking coffee makes you feel super successful:


2. When you run out of coffee and just want to diiiieeeee:


3. The TMI truth about coffee:


4. When the Venti is even too small:


5. And when your coffee knows you’re working too hard:


6. When coffee just gets you:


7. It’s just science:


8. The evolution of a coffee addict:


9. The hard truth about how coffee ~changes~ you:


10. TBH, it’s the only way we live through Mondays: coffee-meme-1_large

Tell Us: What do you love about coffee?

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