Five Things You Need To Know About The Mooncup


By Lianne Bell

The Mooncup, or the MCUK as it is known in the states, changed my life. Fact! Since I was brought up to believe that girls stick together and secrets should be shared, I want to tell you why. And no, before you ask, this is not a paid endorsement.

1. It’s a total life safer if you’re an outdoorsy kind of girl


As any woman knows, that time of the month can seriously hinder you, at festivals, on walks in the great outdoors, or when traveling in countries lacking in basic sanitary facilities. Fortunately my Mooncup has saved me in all of the above situations and whilst I don’t want to compare it to a savior of biblical proportions, it’s actually not far off.

2. It’s empowering


As women in the modern age, we’ve in theory, never had it so good. We have the right to vote, we can lead our country, compete in international sporting events, be CEOs of major corporations and host our own TV show. But our choices of sanitary products have presented very limited options. Well not anymore! I am no longer put out by my menstrual cycle, and I believe that no woman should be in this day and age.

3. It’s environmentally friendly


Basically, while we’re all religiously recycling our newspapers, tins, and empty beer bottles every week, we’re disposing of millions of these things everyday, some will go to a landfill and others will be on a one way ticket to our beloved oceans. Little bit of an oxymoron ladies.

4. It helps in avoiding unsavory situations


Ask any girl about the dreaded tampon string situation whilst wearing a bikini and you will know the fear is real. Back in 2009 whilst living in Ibiza I’d spent the night partying on the beach like any normal 23 year old. Upon deciding to head home around dawn I stood up to gather my belongings and was startled by what felt like a thousand eyes boring into me. Instantly I assumed it was the usual 7 am paranoia creeping in but as people began to snicker and point at me, I realized to my horror that my tampon string was indeed hanging out of my bikini bottoms. Now, these people are most definitely idiots and without going off on a tangent, this shouldn’t be an embarrassing situation. However, nobody likes to be ridiculed no matter how thick skinned she is and this situation can be avoided with the Mooncup.

5. It’s safe


Although most women are fully aware of Toxic Shock Syndrome, what they might not be aware of is the fact that tampons are dipped in Chlorine Dioxin. Dioxin being one of the most dangerous chemicals in existence. Although tampons have been around some 70 years, we’re still not sure of the long term health implications of this. Still, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that it can’t be good. In fact it must surely be really, really bad. We are after all, essentially poisoning ourselves by slowly releasing a chemical directly into our insides. With this in mind it’s a miracle tampons are still in existence, let alone legal, but it’s a crazy old world that we live in. The Mooncup is made from medical grade silicone, free from nasty chemicals. That’s more like it!

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