4 Simple Strategies For Long-Term Saving


By Kyle Bell

Holding money can definitely have its pitfalls, and it isn’t in a hustler’s mentality to save in abundance. But creating a security blanket for your family members, loved ones, and ultimately, yourself is a form of investment. It’s the most pivotal form of investment because it pertains to improving your environment and surroundings. Longevity and happiness is what we’re all aiming for, and saving ensures freedom and security. Money doesn’t make you happy, the discipline and philosophy behind managing finances is an art form that gives us pleasure, which in turn, translates to happiness. Continue reading

8 Ways to Make the Most of Fall


By Mary Yeotsas Van de Graaf

If you find yourself in a yoga class this fall, you might hear the teacher talk about how autumn is a season of unrest, and how it is normal to feel scattered and out of balance this time of year. This comes from Aruyvedic philosophy linking seasons to doshas, and without going into too many details, the gist of it is that fall is a time of transition, and therefore people can feel unbalanced around this time. Continue reading