10 Things I Learned on a Sugar Detox


By Lianne Bell

After extensive research I recently embarked on a 21-day sugar detox. I’d been considering it for a while as I have been known to become extremely ~hangry~ when I haven’t eaten in a while.  I can get very tired in the afternoons and I’d seemed to have developed an allergy to bread and pasta in the last few years, so I decided to take the plunge.

I consider myself pretty clued up on nutrition but this was even pretty challenging for me as the ‘no go’ list is extensive. Basically it’s no dairy, no fruit, no carbs including bread, pasta and root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, absolutely nothing processed so nothing out of a tin or a pot, even unsweetened almond milk was off the cards. After reading conflicting reports I decided tomatoes and sweet potatoes were on my “ok” list and with this in mind, I went full steam ahead. Here’s 10 things I learned along the way…..

1. Cooking three meals a day is really time consuming! I thought I cooked all the time, but realized I probably only cook 65% of the time.


2. Eggs are life savers. I was eating boxes of the things. Two boiled eggs is a great mid-afternoon snack, likewise, a three egg omelette is a great last minute dinner.


3. That said, I won’t be eating eggs for a really long time.


4. I think I would have murdered someone without black coffee and cigarettes.


5. But now I need to do a caffeine detox  and I should also probably quit smoking.


6. Nuts will become your best friend. They really do stave off hunger and stop you from eating your body weight in croissants at 3pm.


7. My two new favorite recipes involve cauliflower and sweet potatoes. No but seriously.


8. Don’t do any excessive exercise in the first week. I went to spinning on Day 2 and nearly fainted. I was one push of the pedal away from vomiting lactic acid all over the bike.


9. Life without sugar is boring.


10. And, real talk, 21 days is way too long. I called it a day on Day 15 and promptly drank a bottle of wine with my mom.


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One thought on “10 Things I Learned on a Sugar Detox

  1. jennicatalks says:

    Lol this post is hilarious. I “tried” going on a sugar detox myself and I wanted to quit on the second day. So you deserve a warm round of applause for actually lasting up to day 15! I know sugar is mostly bad for our health but life is surely boring without it! I can only eat so much cauliflower and sweet potatoes for this lifetime! 😀


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