10 Struggles Every Short Girl Knows To Be True


By Kate

Earlier today, Jillian spoke candidly and hilariously on the common struggles every tall girl knows to be true.  And with that, all 5’1” of me is here to share the flipside of what’s it like to be on the (literal) short end of the measuring stick.

Here are 10 realities short girls face:

1. Wondering who you can recruit to assist you with your overhead luggage when traveling alone.


Let me be clear, I love having my husband on a flight with me for the companionship and specifically, to help with the crossword puzzle clues I can’t answer. But those perks don’t even come close to how much I appreciate having someone to help grab my carry-on bags. Anytime I’m traveling alone, I smile frantically at strangers while standing on my tip toes and reaching for my luggage.

2. Always having to ride in the middle seat.


Being short is basically synonymous with sitting bitch or on the rare, yet real, occasion, sitting in a child’s seat.

3. Having to pay more than the price of a dress for the alterations.


I’ve been a bridesmaid in 9 weddings, and let me tell you, those gown shops are not designed for the short girls. Wherever my leftover satin, tulle, and chiffon ended up, I hope they’re enjoying themselves.

4. Climbing the shelves at the grocery store is like being a contestant on America Ninja Warrior.


Heading into the freezer section is like stepping foot into Narnia. When something is located on the back of the top shelf, I’m lucky if the freezer door doesn’t shut while I’m inside searching.

5. Food babies are real.


As in gaining 5 to 10 pounds can lead to pregnancy questions. And I’m speaking from experience here. The year after I graduated college, I had a woman approach me to ask when I was due. With what? My chocolate malt?!

6. You’re cute.


That’s the word people use to describe you. Runners up include: “Look how tiny/little/adorable/young looking you are.”

7. Unloading the dishwasher is a workout.


I feel like I could probably skip workouts on dishwasher day because each time I go to put a mixing bowl or serving platter away, I first have to hoist and heave my entire body onto the countertops. My poor mother is likely searching Amazon for a step stool as I type.

8. You either triple roll your sweatpants or you wear them to your bra line.


When it comes down to it, you’ve got two options: live with a constant camel toe or never let your belly button be free.

Being short somehow equates to being frail.


You become accustomed to hearing things like, “You’re gonna need a cart for those” or “Let him help you carry that. It’s pretty heavy.”

It’s not all bad.


After all, if I buy capris, they can always double as full length pants.

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5 thoughts on “10 Struggles Every Short Girl Knows To Be True

  1. Jessica says:

    My life, right here! I’m 4’11”. I was just having a conversation about how to the rest of the world I seem small, but to me I’m a normal height and everyone else is just a little taller :). That iron-in hem tape is everything!


  2. Beth says:

    So true. I’m 5′! I have to have a stool in the kitchen, always have to ride in the middle seat, and can buy in the kids’ department!


  3. Candace Vianna says:

    So true (4’11”) but I think you left out a few (in no special order)…

    Having tall guys physically pick you up at bars.
    Never being able to see anything but butts and backs at events with festival seating.
    Not getting waited on at delis (butchers…) because the counter is taller than you are.
    Having to buy clothes in the children’s department.
    Dealing with blind spots in cars because the window pillars are placed for taller people.
    Can’t sit without feet dangling mid-air during a business meetings/interviews.

    I could go on.


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