10 Struggles Every Tall Girl Knows To Be True


By Jillian Stacia

If you are a girl over 5’9”, the struggle truly is real. Here are 10 common struggles that we all face, every minute of every day.

1. Not being able to wear heels without every person you encounter commenting on your height.


Yes, I’m wearing heels.  Yes, I’m over 6 foot.  Can we please move on? There’s also the added struggle of not being able to walk in heels because you’ve spent years avoiding them. So basically, wearing heels equals everyone staring at you while you stumble around like a baby deer learning to walk for the first time.

2. Always being in the back row in pictures.


Struggles include, but are not limited to: work photos, prom pictures, and that awkward moment when you made a boy cry because the teacher forced you to take his spot in the back row during picture day. Tall girls: emasculating men since the third grade.

3. Being forced to play basketball, despite having no real athletic ability.


Everyone is always very excited to have you on their team…until they realize you have no actual talent.

4. The moment you realize you are taller than most adult men.


All tall girls secretly believe that there will be a moment in time when they will no longer be abnormally tall. This usually happens around middle school, when you’re a good foot and a half taller than your crush. And then there’s the inevitable moment when you realize you will always be taller than most men. This usually involves crying, ice-cream, and feeling personally betrayed by your mom for telling you not to worry because “the boys just haven’t grown yet.”

5. Being forced to take group photos with short friends who refuse to wear heels.


How will I ever be able to find myself in this group picture? Oh wait, there I am. The one awkwardly towering over everyone else.

6. Never being able to ride in the back seat comfortably.


Or sit in a theatre. Or at a desk. Or on bleachers. Or anywhere, really. Legs = forever cramped.

7. The hellish struggle that is trying to find clothes that actually fit, but are long enough to wear in public.


Dresses are shirts. All pants are ankle pants. Forcing yourself to come to peace with the fact that you will never, ever be a size small.

8. Generally being uncoordinated and all around awkward.


God obviously has a sense of humor when it comes to tall girls. Coordination is not our strong suit.

9. Forcing yourself not slouch.


It’s a bad habit, but it’s pretty much second nature at this point. Standing up tall still feels weird.

10. Middle school.


Enough said.

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6 thoughts on “10 Struggles Every Tall Girl Knows To Be True

  1. Serendipitous Web Life. : ) says:

    Lol… I honestly laughed out loud reading this. The illustrations are a hilarious addition. Great post! Thank you for the laugh! : )


  2. Blurred-Heritage says:

    I so relate to this! I have always struggled with being taller than everybody around me even though I was the tiniest in my family! I have finally reached a point where I can proudly call myself an amazon and feel unapologetic about it!


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