16 Happy Things That Happened in 2016


By De and Kate

It’s easy to get caught up in a downward spiral of thinking that 2016 has been one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. And for a lot of reasons, it has. It’s understandable that we’d feel exhausted, both mentally and physically, when we look back at all of the depressing things that have taken place, so many of which has caused us to truly lose faith in humanity.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not all doom and gloom out there – even though it sure feels that way sometimes. In an effort to remind everyone – and ourselves – of the good in the world, here are some of the best things that happened this year, amid all the other darkness of 2k16.

1. Lin-Manuel Miranda gave that amazing “love is love is love is love” speech.

That sonnet will go down in history as one of the greatest and most empowering moments of all time.

2. 2016 gave us Snapchatgate.


Granted, it was a bad day for Taylor Swift and her fans but it was so endlessly entertaining. We were able to forget about all the dark and terrible stuff in the world for a few minutes as we watched the celeb drama unfold.

3. Pokémon Go brought us all outside.


Remember how happy we were, trying to catch Pikachus and Weedles in our backyard?

4. Beyoncé’s Lemonade came out.


And it was ~amazing~.

5. Netflix gave us Fuller House.


Have mercy.

6. And the announcement of the Gilmore Girls revival.


We’re legit counting the days. November 25, hurry up!

7. Simone Biles showed us that dreams do come true.


She won Olympic medals and met Zac Efron.

8. Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar.


He had to fight a bear and climb inside a dead horse to do it, but he did it.

9. We became obsessed with Stranger Things.


When is Season 2 coming out?! We need it, like, now.

10. La Croix made our taste buds happy.


The only true way to pronounce it is “la croah” btw. Even if it’s wrong.

11. And So did the rainbow drinks at Starbucks.


The pink is still the best.

12. Ellen DeGeneres Continued To Make Us Laugh And Cry.


Check out these inspirational stories featured on her show and let those happy tears flow.

13. Instagram Accounts Like This Existed.


…And we laughed out loud while sitting alone in a quiet coffee shop.

14. Athleisure Amped Up The Saturday Brunch Game.


Because the only thing better than eating a plate full of bottomless potatoes is eating a plate full of bottomless potatoes in yoga pants.

15. A Football Player Became Known For His Kindness Off The Field.


And we all remembered that we have the power to positively change the world of someone else.

16. We Learned That Glazed Donuts Can Lead To A Forever Friendship.


{photo via People}

Matt White And Chauncy Jones Black’s story reminded us that heroes exist all around us.

Tell Us: What’s your favorite thing that happened in 2016?

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