What Intersectional Feminism Means To Me

A photo by Lechon Kirb. unsplash.com/photos/yvx7LSZSzeo

By Rachael Junard

“My feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit.”
― Flavia Dzodan

Feminism to me has never been something I’ve questioned, it just made sense. I grew up in a house with a heavy male presence but my parents gave me room to go through my tomboy “phase” and also explore things like makeup (flashback to that bright blue eyeshadow we all wore), strappy sandals and hair accessories. Throughout all of it, I was just trying to find what I liked best. It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized that sometimes my definition of feminism is different than some others I come across. Continue reading

4 Reasons To Own An Aloe Plant


By Rachela Forcellese

My mother has always owned an aloe plant since I was a child. I didn’t realize until I was older what an essential this plant can be. First of all, aloe plants are part of the succulent family so they are impossible to kill. If you are a newbie to growing plants, owning a succulent is the route to go. They are similar to cacti in the sense that they require very little water and plenty of sunlight. You water it whenever the soil gets dry, which could be once a week. You can rip off pieces and use them and the plant will self heal. Not only that, aloe is a super plant and has a variety of functions so it makes little sense to not own one. Continue reading