4 Reasons To Own An Aloe Plant


By Rachela Forcellese

My mother has always owned an aloe plant since I was a child. I didn’t realize until I was older what an essential this plant can be. First of all, aloe plants are part of the succulent family so they are impossible to kill. If you are a newbie to growing plants, owning a succulent is the route to go. They are similar to cacti in the sense that they require very little water and plenty of sunlight. You water it whenever the soil gets dry, which could be once a week. You can rip off pieces and use them and the plant will self heal. Not only that, aloe is a super plant and has a variety of functions so it makes little sense to not own one.

Here are the 4 biggest benefits to owning an aloe plant:

Aloe treats burns

Aloe Vera is known to treat sunburn and the real stuff is so much better than the bottle! It has a funny smell, so don’t make plans to go anywhere, but it actually soothes the pain immediately. Aloe has antibacterial properties so it’s good for small cuts, too. It helps stop the growth of harmful bacteria and it’s nice and natural. Keep in mind aloe is only good for first and second degree burns. For anything more serious please go see a doctor.

It’s good for your teeth and mouth

Aloe has been said to help reduce plaque on your teeth. If you use an aloe vera juice mouthwash it can help keep your teeth nice and clean. Also, if you are prone to mouth sores and ulcers, a good aloe mouthwash can help them heal while also reducing the pain. It probably won’t taste very good but it will be worth the relief.

Aloe is great for digestion

Aloe can help with constipation and digestive issues because it is a natural laxative. This benefit is not from the gel but from the latex, or sticky yellow substance under the leaves. It’s recommended to use this infrequently because it can upset your stomach and give you stomach problems if used too much.

It can help treat acne

Because of its antibacterial properties, an aloe based skin mask can help fight acne. It will be gentle and smooth on the skin while keeping it very clean. Using an aloe wash in the morning and before bed paired with other acne products can help clear up skin. If you only want to use natural products, just stick to the aloe.

Do keep in mind if you’re looking to get an aloe plant they can be toxic to cats and dogs. I personally have 2 cats and they don’t mess with the aloe plant because it does not have traditional leaves. But it’s best to keep the plant in a high place in order to skip the risk entirely. Other than that, aloe is a cute and easy plant to have and its household uses are well worth the small price.

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5 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Own An Aloe Plant

  1. Miss Kat says:

    I used to own an Aloe plant until my friend’s grandmother asked to plant it in her house. (It’s still alive and doing well!) This definitely brings nostalgia. Very lovely post (:


  2. cammimichelle says:

    I’ve been wanting to get an aloe plant for a while now. My family had a ton in our yard when we lived in Arizona. I had no idea though, that they are harmful to cat’s! I’m so glad I read this before getting one. I have a cat (a very curious one, I might add) so I’ll be sure to keep it far from her reach.


  3. cbarnett90 says:

    I used to own an Aloe plant and it literally kept having babies. I had to re-pot the new growth from the original plant so many times i ended up having to give loads away. Used to work so well on my skin when i had a break out. Will definitely look to get one again when I eventually buy my own house.


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