Home Is Where We Make It


By De & Kate

Having both lived in a handful of towns and cities across the country, we spend our fair share of time thinking about and talking about the concept of home, and with that, the occasional accompanying bout of homesickness. We share our nostalgic longing for an ice cream cone from our favorite local shop, and we chat about how nice it’d be to meet up with all our best girlfriends on a Sunday afternoon. We say how strange it seems to unpack all our belongings in a place that still feels unfamiliar, and we consider what it might have been like had we stayed in our hometown for-ev-er (a la, The Sandlot). And yet, deep down, we know that home is less of a physical place and more of a spiritual experience. It’s a collection of moments that make us feel whole.

Home is the sensation of walking barefoot in the sand, of rolling out our worn in and well-loved yoga mat, of waking early in the morning to open a blank word document, of over-enthusiastically watching our favorite sports team play, of reading a new script that speaks to our soul, of sipping warm coffee on cool afternoons, of smelling the scent of our favorite candle, of baking a batch of fresh cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning, and of crawling into bed after a long day.

It’s the comforting feeling of hugging our mom, of hearing our best friend’s voice, of sending up a quick prayer, of feeling our spouse reach out to hold our hand, and of snuggling up against the warmth of our pet.

To be at home is to connect with others, and beyond that, it’s to connect with ourselves. It’s the sense of knowing that we belong and that we’ve somehow carved out and created a space in this grand universe that is uniquely our own. Although there are times that we feel lost or separate from that feeling of home, we know that it never truly escapes us. When it seems the furthest away, we acknowledge that we’re simply out of touch with it. We’ve momentarily forgotten. We’ve forgotten what makes us feel most alive, beautiful, content, and at peace.

As we get older, we begin to realize that home isn’t really a place at all, but rather, it’s just a feeling. It’s why we feel at home in coffee shops, in libraries, in nature, in a city we’ve never been before. And we seek that feeling of home in others – we long for it in our friends, our family, our partners. But deep down, the best truth, the best version of home, is the one we find within ourselves. When you can be your own home, your own place of comfort.

If home is where we can let our guard down, then we decide, where we are, to let our guard down. If home is where we can speak our truth, then we open our mouths and we start to speak. If home is where we can fully be ourselves, then we authentically share our thoughts, beliefs, hopes, and fears. If home is where we feel the most love, then we begin, in that moment, to start loving more. Because maybe as much as home is a feeling, it’s also a decision. To put down roots wherever we are planted. To bloom right where we are.

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8 thoughts on “Home Is Where We Make It

  1. holdinggold says:

    I love the thought of finding a home in others…what a beautiful way to talk about friendship. And so true! This has inspired me to think of my own many homes. Thank you!


  2. theheartlesstravelled says:

    I absolutely love this post. 🙂

    I used to find it frustrating trying to figure out where “home” was for me because I was so stuck on the definition of home being a place. I grew up in New Zealand but have lived in Western Australia for 4 years and I call NZ “home” when I refer to memories of my childhood or doing trips there but call Perth “home” when I’m returning from my travels.

    If I stick to the traditional definition of home, things are going to get more crazy as I am about to move to Brisbane and will be calling “Perth” home when I return for Xmas with friends and family there.

    So I think I’ll definitely start referring to home as a feeling. 🙂


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