No Time? Five Ways to Boost Your Brand in Five Minutes


By Eliza David

Can you believe that there are less than three months left in 2016? If your year has been half as busy as my year has been, you’ll wonder where the time went. What makes time so precious is that you cannot get it back.  So, with only twenty-four hours in each day, how do you make the most of them?

While I’ve talked about my love for scheduling in previous posts, I still manage to fit in impromptu tasks in the pockets of time I have in between meetings, shows, and events.  These small tasks make a big difference in expanding my profile and boosting my brand.  You can do the following, too – and all you need is five minutes.

Update Your Bio

Hop on your blog, Amazon page, or any website where you have a profile space. Read through your introductory bio. Does it need a little fine tuning? Take a few minutes to edit your bio by adding more recent accomplishments and upcoming endeavors.

Retweet & Greet

Twitter remains one of my favorite networking spots online. It’s also a quick way to connect – if you do more than ‘like’ random tweets. Likes are nice, but retweets equal engagements. The next time you’re waiting for a meeting to begin, pull out your cell and retweet the latest Tweet from five of your favorite professional and/or creative accounts. Make sure that whatever you retweet is similar to your brand as well.

Make a Date

Is there a colleague whose brain you’ve been wanting to pick? Take a few minutes to send them an email to invite them to meet for lunch or coffee. This is a great opportunity to get some insight on an upcoming promotion or just good old fashioned career advice.

Schedule Some Exercise

Workouts can find themselves slipping off of my radar as my days and nights get busier. However, it’s still important to get your body moving at least three times a week. Finding it hard to keep that up? Block off fifteen minutes in your calendar to walk around your office building.

Clean Your Inbox

I learned this lesson the hard way this past weekend. I have three email inboxes: my personal account filled with junk mail, my day job account filled with meeting invites, and my hustle account filled with blog entry requests and book event notifications. All of them needed my attention but I had no time to go through each of them. Instead, I took five minutes per inbox and deleted the junk and answered the invites. My inboxes looked cleaner and more organized as a result.

Time is precious – but so is your brand. Take five minutes to do the little things that help boost your brand a lot!

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8 thoughts on “No Time? Five Ways to Boost Your Brand in Five Minutes

  1. Anna @CaskandQuill says:

    Great tips! Working a side hustle particularly can be tough to keep up with and easy to put off. These are great suggestions for things to do that are fast, but useful. Nothing is worse than spending a bunch of time on it that’s unfocused. What a waste! Thanks for this post!!

    Anna 🙂

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  2. mochasunshine says:

    Great tips! One thing that i started doing was posting some of my blogs with the link attached so readers can go directly to the page to read my blogs or they can click the link to visit my blogsite. Tweeter for me has been so so. I am still trying on that end. Updating my bio maybe something l need to look at again. Thanks for the tips i appreciate it

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  3. Michael Noker says:

    And now I feel like a slacker, because I only ever manage to like… go on an Instagram comment/like spree when I get five minutes. I like to think of it as gradually building an online empire every time I’m stuck in a Walmart checkout line.

    Time to go clean my inbox…

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