10 Times Lady Gaga Was Basically Just Amazing


By De and Kate

In case you’re living under a rock (or somewhere with very limited WiFi access), Lady Gaga’s brand new album, JOANNE, was released today. Her fan army of Little Monsters have been waiting for what seems like ages for her new music, after being teased relentlessly for the past few months. In honor of her new album, we’re rounding up some of the best reasons to love Lady Gaga – from her fashion all the way to her words of wisdom. Take a look!

1. She is not afraid to speak out.

Lady Gaga is a champion for all women, and has helped so many women find their voices after dealing with assault.

2. She’s been actively vocal about this election.

Like many of us, Lady Gaga was moved to tears by Michelle Obama’s recent speech.

3. And she wants us all to vote.

“Why is he hovering around her?” –literally ALL of us at the second debate.

4. Lady Gaga cares about the environment.

Her activism has multiple outlets.

5. And she’s just as excited about JOANNE as you are.

Lady Gaga *loves* her fans.

6. Her new album JOANNE has a special meaning.

In a tweet, Lady Gaga explained the meaning behind the album name.

7. She has to go to the DMV just like the rest of us.

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Me at the DMV 🙈. SCHOOLS OUT 🤘🏽🚬

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Stars! They’re just like us.

8. Lady Gaga is a godmother!


Imagine being related to Lady Gaga?!

9. She gets excited about the little things.


We also love the feeling of a successful grocery shop!

10. Just…yas, kween. We love you.

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Next stop? … 🌎

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We’re not sure there’s ever been a more perfect celebrity. She is everything.

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