6 Free Ways To Pay It Forward


By Kaitlin Harris

Helping in an area of life where someone may lack and spending money aren’t always one and the same. In fact, there are so many different resources out there that truly do make it easy to give back and make a difference in somebody’s life without spending your money; you simply have to spend your time.

Here are 6 ways you can make the difference in the life of someone else without spending a dime:


Websites like VolunteerMatch and Volunteer.gov make it easy to specifically tailor the settings in your search of who and where you want to serve. Love cute puppies and try not to shed a tear (and fail) during those sad infomercials about donating to them? Take some time out of your day to visit your local animal shelter and help with the daily duties. Does your heart hurt at the thought of people not knowing where their next meal is coming from? Prepare and serve meals at a soup kitchen. There are so many ways to volunteer and most of all of them can be found through a simple search on the web.

Write to a soldier

Regardless of your political beliefs about it, there are soldiers that get sent off to war everyday; who put their life on the line for us. Operation Gratitude is a great way to thank these men and women for their service to this country. They take your handwritten notes of thanks and ship them off to wherever they are needed (they do the same thing with care packages if you’re apt to send one.) So, put your pen to paper and get to writing!

Play games on a “click-to-give” website

I love websites like Free Rice and Free Kibble. They have trivia games set up on their website, and with each answer you get right, you will in turn be donating to these charities. Try it out for yourself; it is addicting in the most amazing way possible.

Become an organ donor

There comes a time when we can no longer give back consciously. We will pass away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep giving to those in need. Things such as hearts, kidneys, livers, pancreases, and lungs are desperately needed for those whom these vital parts of the body just don’t work like they’re meant to anymore. I encourage you to check “yes” next to the question of donating your organs someday in the future next time you are renewing your driver’s license.

Sign a petition

Find a cause you believe in- whether you think police videos should be public records or that there should’ve already been a vegetarian option for In-N-Out restaurant goers a long time ago there is something you can sign your name along the dotted line for. If none of these petitions you see on change.org strike your fancy, start your own!

Random Acts of Kindness

Absolutely everybody can do this one. I’ve had days where I felt like the whole world was against me; my mood and usual positivity was completely done for at those times. That’s when I appreciate kind words the most. Whether it’s from a stranger or a close friend or family member, it most definitely lifts my spirits to hear “I love your shoes” or “Keep smiling, it looks good on you” or even a “You’re doing a great job!” Positive words do so much more than you might think for people who are just struggling with themselves and their lives at any given time. So if nothing else, remember that whatever you choose to do, do it with kindness.

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