7 Things That Reveal A Lot About Us

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By De & Kate

Naturally, we use words to describe ourselves. We write bios expressing who we are and what we love. We detail our hobbies, interests, skills, and passions, selectively sharing what we want others to know. But, what if we let some of our lesser known behaviors and habits do the talking instead?

With that as our inspiration, we’ve rounded up a list of the things that reveal a lot – perhaps, more than we’d like to admit –  about ourselves. Here are 7 things that give an inside look into who we are:

Netflix’s suggested shows and movies to watch


The top picks often make us look like: a) a sociopath, b) a 30 year old woman leading the ultra-cheesy romcom fan club, c) the next contestant on a Food Network Channel competition, or d) all of the above.

Our Google search history


We know it’s not November yet, so technically all those gratitude lists have yet to start popping up across the internet. We’ll go ahead and start the trend. We’re grateful for the ‘clear all history’ button on our browser. That being said, if you want to know about JoJo and Jordan’s life after ‘The Bachelorette’, just give us a shout.

Our dinner selections when we’re dining alone


Chances are high that we’re eating straight out of the mixing bowl, pot, pan, or Ben & Jerry’s container. Chances are also high that we’re counting the tomato sauce on our pizza as our vegetable for the night.

The photos in our camera roll


Selfie. Pet. Leaves. Apples. Candle. PSL. You get the picture.

Our most played songs on iTunes or Spotify


We obviously weren’t going to go from watching the *NSYNC Disney concert special every single day in junior high to never listening to them again. And, we listen to Justin Bieber. That’s right. we’re grown women who like jamming out to Justin Bieber.

Our Ever Eclectic Target Cart


Target is the be-all and end-all of impulse shopping and our carts are often evidence of that. Somewhere between the entrance dollar section with everything we never knew we needed and the Starbucks conveniently located by the exit radiating the possibility of a glorious afternoon pick-me-up, we compile quite the haul. Basically what we’re saying, is if you need a sign exclaiming “Happy Howlidays!’ or a tank top proclaiming that you love Fridays, we’re you girls.

Our group text threads


Each group text thread with our friends has its own special name (usually accompanied by an emoji) and there’s always code words used as well. If anyone were to scroll through, they’d be sufficiently confused – and maybe a little worried.

Tell Us: What are some things that reveal a lot about you?

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