5 Benefits of Traveling Solo


By Joanna Grey Talbot

No matter whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, everyone needs to experience traveling solo at least once. It can be a little disconcerting at first, especially if you have never done it before, but the benefits much outweigh the anxiety or worry it may initially cause.

Sense of Adventure

Even though everyone’s definition of “adventure” varies, we all have a yearning for it. We all want to discover new things, try new experiences, and meet new people. Travelers call it “wanderlust” and it continually calls to you to hit the road and see the world. As Amelia Earhart once said, “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” No matter what happens, it is worth it just to take that first step and try something you have never done.

What Comfort Zone?

Can you travel somewhere solo and never leave your hotel room? Yes, of course, but where would be the fun in that? No matter if you go somewhere for a week or a daytrip, being by yourself is one of the best ways to step out of your comfort zone. Today’s society tends to get too stuck in what has always been and what is comfortable, so it can be tough for us to get outside of what comes easy. Yet, if you do push yourself to try something new, such as zip-lining or eating dinner in a nice restaurant solo, you find that the long-term benefits far outweigh the momentary awkwardness.

Set Your Own Schedule

Want to watch the sunrise? Go for it. Want to spend hours strolling through the art museum? Do it. Always wanted to go on a harbor tour? Nothing is stopping you. Traveling solo allows you to do whatever you want! You do not have to take into account someone else’s likes, dislikes, and opinions. Your schedule and your destinations are fully up to you.  Use this trip as a time to try things your friends or family are never willing to try with you.

Meet New People

Unless you are a self-proclaimed hermit and prefer to not have human interaction, traveling solo gives you the opportunity to meet new people and form new relationships. Once you get settled in at your destination, search out the local coffee shop and introduce yourself to the barista. They can suggest places to visit or activities to check out that might not be in your guidebook or even online but are well worth your time. Sign yourself up for a tour of some kind, at a museum, on a boat, or a walking tour of the city, and introduce yourself to some of the other tour participants. Some may be local but more times than not they are probably just like you – traveling and exploring new places. Who knows – maybe you’ll make a new friend that you can visit in another city!

Strengthen Your Sense of Self

For many travelers, the biggest benefit to going solo is proving to yourself that you can do it. You can get around in a strange city without someone by your side. You can make plans and try new things without someone prompting you. You can handle unplanned situations, such as getting lost or having a flat tire on your rental car, without falling to pieces. No matter where you go or how long you stay, you will come home with stronger self-confidence and a greater sense of what you are capable of.

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5 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Traveling Solo

  1. SilvrMoon says:

    I’ve never traveled solo before, but recently, I’m starting to think it might be greatly preferable to traveling with other people. After awhile, the group is sick of each other, and no one can compromise. Solo travel, here I come. 🙂


  2. Vanessa says:

    Great article. My niece traveled through Europe by herself, I was scared to death for her. She made it, not always even knowing the language, but toured, meet some nice and came back with more self confidence. I’m so proud of her, she did it, unlike me being to afraid. Go girl!


  3. soreiya says:

    I began travelling solo a few years ago and while it can be a scary at times it is a great confidence booster. I highly recommend it to everyone. Great post!


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