Once Upon A Time Recap: “Dark Waters”


By Casey Rose Frank

Anyone dressing up as one of the Once Upon A Time characters today?

This week we discover an old tale has new lessons to teach, and we learn just how superficial the Evil Queen’s plans really are.

We see Hook aboard the Jolly Roger, during “The Time of the Dark Curse” while he is still searching for Rumpelstiltskin. A mysterious man is found on the deck who asks Hook if taking revenge against the Dark One is worth all the time and effort.

The crew spots some kind of sea creature and as Hook and the mystery man look down at the water, he pushes Hook into the sea and toward the creature saying he’s saving Hook’s life.

In Storybrooke, Hook is hiding the shears in a toolbox in some garage/shed, looking conflicted about his choice.

Regina goes to Zelena’s house, to call out the Evil Queen.

EQ’s giant hair is back and I’m in beehive heaven!

Turns out that Regina is distracting EQ and Z outside while Snow and David are inside freeing the cricket.

EQ catches on and goes inside to destroy our lovely couple, but Regina poofs up in between them. Snow tells EQ, “You won’t destroy this family,” and knowing she includes Regina in that is remarkably sweet after so many seasons of hatred.

At Granny’s, Jasmine and Aladdin are catching up. Jasmine insists that Agrabah still needs Aladdin’s help. Aladdin reiterates that he’s no longer the savior and stalks away in shame and anger.

At Casa Captain Swan, Emma comments that Hook was up and out early, spending time in the garage. (Really, you hid the shears in your own garage?)

Hook: I was gardening

Emma: Really? I didn’t know you had a green hook?

I don’t know if this is the best terrible joke I’ve heard this season or just the worst.

Emma gets a text from Jasmine that Aladdin has run off and she’s worried, so Emma heads out to find him. In the meantime Hook wants to try and bond with Henry over the “video game things” once Henry takes out the trash and Hook’s like great, throw your gross breakfast away, (pop tarts) and instead we’ll have grapefruit and boiled mackerel, saying, “No scurvy here today.”

I am legit cracking up.

While taking the garbage out, EQ appears to Henry laying on some of the cliché guilt and angst that comes with stepparents. Initially Henry isn’t having it, but when EQ reveals that toolbox where Hook has hidden the sheers, she says, “I want to make sure that you learn the truth about dear old dad to be.” Brutal.

Aladdin apparently knows how to break into cars and Emma catches him in the process of stealing a wallet and asks him to instead come with her.

While over at the house, Hook comes outside to discover that both Henry and the sheers are missing.

Back in the curse days, Hook wakes up on a ship under water, which he mistakes for magic, not science, a rare issue on this show.

Turns out that Hook is aboard the Nautilus, the ship belonging to Captain Nemo, a man looking to offer a second chance to those whose hearts are filled with revenge and hate.

He wants to offer Hook a family, and a chance to learn from Nemo’s mistakes, who exacted his own revenge against those who killed his family while he was at sea and has regretted it every day since.

I’m with Nemo on the anti-revenge plot, but offering your strange crew as family when you just took him from his own crew is a little weak

Present Day Hook goes to the pier and finds Henry getting ready to row out and throw the shears away. Before he can, the Nautilus breaks water and Hook is eager to get away, but anonymous sailor henchmen stop them and then bring them to the ship.

David brings a mysterious dying person, presumably from the Land of Untold Stories, to the hospital. Snow is there as well and runs into Belle who is waiting for her first ultrasound. Belle is worried that if she already doesn’t want Gold there for something as simple as the ultrasound, what about once the baby is actually here?

On the ship Hook explains that he has a history with the captain of the vessel. He explains to Henry that he didn’t toss the sheers away because he couldn’t give up the one thing that could save Emma.

But Henry says, “Being the savior is who she is, it’s what brought us together.” And while Hook says he’s not trying to change that aspect of things, Henry tells Hook he’s not a part of the family.

(I’m sensing a theme for this episode…)

Back in the old days Hook is chatting with Nemo’s first mate who has been saved from a life of vengeance, as the trio goes looking for something in a hidden sea cavern. When they find the treasure chest, Hook tries to make a break for it, but is instead snagged by some nightmare fuel looking giant squid. Nemo and the first mate save Hook and when he points out that they could have died saving him, Nemo tells Hook that he’s part of the family.

(Really bashing us over the head with this one…)

Gold is over at Zelena’s so that he can talk to the Evil Queen.

She says she’s “Driving a pirate shaped wedge into the middle of the Charming clan”.

And Gold’s like: Yeah, I don’t care. I want the shears back, that ish doesn’t work on just Saviors, yeah?

EQ realizes that he wants the sheers in order to change Belle and the baby’s destiny, leaving room for this future with his family to be different than that of the dream his future son showed him.

In Emma’s yellow beetle she and Aladdin arrive at the Storybrooke sign. Emma is showing Aladdin that she has run in the face of being the savior as well. But that every time she did, she went back and tried to make up for her mistakes. When Aladdin sees that Emma, a savior that he admires can admit her fear and her mistakes, he decides to return to Jasmine to hear the fate of Agrabah after his departure.

On the ship Hook tells Henry the story of killing his father, even though he saw that his father had another son, also named Liam after Hook’s deceased brother. Hook feels guilt for the boy he orphaned out of revenge against his father.

In the old days, Nemo opens the chest with a knife, revealing a single key inside. Nemo says it is a key to the mysterious island. Hook notices the knife the captain used and asks where he got it. Why, from his first mate, whose name of course, is Liam.

Present Day Hook is trying to make up for the family he ruined by getting Henry off the boat. Henry suits up in some vintage nautical gear and Hook says he’s going to stay behind.

“What you and your mother have is special, if only one of us is getting back to Emma it’s going to be you.”

Liam strolls in ready to kill Hook, and Hook pushes Henry into the water hatch to allow him to escape.

Back in the day we see that Hook decided to leave the ship to avoid Liam, but Liam hears about Hook being the murderer and decides he wants revenge after all. In an effort to keep Liam from the kind of regret he has, Nemo throws himself between the men and is stabbed by Liam. Hook leaves. That’s cold.

Present day: Liam blames Hook for his father and for Nemo, when Hook asks why Liam is coming for him now, all these years later, we learn that the mysterious island was actually part of the Land of Untold Stories, and that being there kept Nemo from dying, but once Hyde brought them here, he wanted revenge again. Hook refuses to fight back, accepting his fate.

But Henry saves the day! He’s back onboard and asks Liam to stop, and Hook knocks Liam out. Henry came back to save his…can we find another word for family?

Hook and Henry agree on their shared loved for Emma but decide to find another way to save her, putting the sheers in the old treasure chest and sinking it in the water.

In Storybrooke, Aladdin brings Jasmine tea and apologizes for running off. Jasmine finally tells Aladdin that Agrabah is gone. She tried to leave the city to ask a neighboring city for help, and while away she saw the city disappear amidst a giant sand storm. Well then.

At the hospital Snow is making floral arrangements for the patients and catches Belle on her way out. The appointment went well but she has to make copies of the sonogram pics and is uncertain if she should give one to Gold. She admits she still hopes that for her child, things can be different.

Also in the hospital is Liam and Hook, with Liam recovering from his head striking the floor after Hook’s punch.

When Hook asks why he paused when Henry arrived Liam says, “I realized if I killed you in front of him, I have another boy growing up with a heart full of hate.” He wishes that Nemo could have seen the brothers make peace and guess what?

He can!

Nemo is the mysterious patient from the beginning of the episode, and looking more aware and healthy than any post-surgery patient ever!

Emma and Henry are in the waiting room when Hook walks out.

“Your kid brother has a submarine?” Emma asks.

Hook wants to come clean about why he and Henry were even at the pier in the first place. He explains that he hung onto the shears because he couldn’t lose the one things that might save her, even if she hated him. But that they decided to toss them anyway. Emma says she would have done the exact same thing and they hug, finally secret-free.

In Gold’s shop he’s perusing a book while appears. She’s making her moves on him (urkkk) while Belle slips the ultrasound under the door.

Gold: You want me?

EQ: No, there’s something else but I need your help to get it.

She hands Gold the sheers, retrieved by some underwater creature.

So what does Gold need to help her with?

“The one thing I’ve always wanted: Snow White’s heart.”

Cue curtain and sighs of frustration.

What do you think of the Evil Queens ultimate plot?

Should Regina sacrifice herself to save everyone else from EQ?

If Hook opened a brunch place, what would it be called?

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