12 Signs You’re Officially Crazy for Christmas

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By De & Kate

It’s November (albeit the first week), meaning Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling has become the story of our lives when it comes to Christmas everything. If you’re in the ‘no holiday music until after Thanksgiving’ camp, we get it, we respect that, and…we’re in the other camp. The one dancing around Target with a cart full of lights and ornaments, Starbucks red, ahem, green cups in hand, smiling to strangers while offering “Happy Holidays!” and rocking out to Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.

With that, here are 12 signs you’re with us:

  1. You’ve cleared out your DVR to make room for a full holiday lineup. And perhaps a few Hallmark movies are already recorded.


2. You’ve already stocked up on holiday booze. Spiked egg nog? Check.


3. Your cabinets are full of baking essentials for seasonal favorites. If anyone is wondering where the almond bark in aisle 7 went, give us a call!


4. You’ve scheduled a full personal day for said holiday baking and movie watching. ‘Tis the season!


5. You quote Buddy the Elf. Daily.


6. You take ugly sweater parties seriously.


7. You have holiday neutral parties so that everyone feels included and celebrated.


8. Your Christmas list is basically done.


9. And your shopping is too.


10. You were more excited about Starbucks red cups than you were about Halloween.


11. And you were seriously disappointed when the cups turned out to be green.


12. But you drank a gingerbread latte anyway and gave zero F’s that it was November.


Tell Us: Are you crazy for Christmas?!

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