6 Photos of Donuts on Instagram That Are Too Pretty to Eat


By Megan Kramer 

National Donut Day is a modern marvel, because it happens twice each year: once in June and once November. Nobody knows exactly why, though many have guessed. But when it comes to donuts, the more the merrier, right?

This year, the second National Donut Day is today. To celebrate, here are six photos of donuts on Instagram that are so pretty you’d be destroying art if you decided to eat one.

These lavender beauties

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Ube Macapuno Donuts. #SundayBaking

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Where would you even take the initial bite? Do you eat some stuff out of the middle first? It’s too much pressure, honestly.

These donuts that are out of this world

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Any bite you take would basically create a wormhole. Do you really want destroying a galaxy this pretty on your conscience?

These morning refreshments

That frosting is iced to perfection and has the kind of smooth people dream of for their skin. It would be too much of a shame to blemish these beauties.

These classic delights


There’s so much balance in how these chocolate frosted donuts are decorated. You’d throw off their groove if you even touched one.

These donuts that have macaron twins

The color coordination here is on point. Plus, if you ate one of the donuts, you’d also have to eat a macaron or two to balance everything back out. And where would that vicious cycle end?

This caffeinated bunch

Good luck deciding where to start with this half-dozen box of heaven. Even the coffee is too pretty to disturb.

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