15 Times The Internet Had The Last Laugh During the 2016 Election


By De Elizabeth

You guys, we did it. We got to November 8. The countdown is officially over; today is the day. In honor of our survival, and in anticipation of what is bound to be an anxiety-filled day, we are taking a minute to laugh. Remember when all we could do, amid the chaos and insanity that was the 2016 election, was just laugh? If it weren’t for the Internet, we probably would have lost our goddamn minds throughout the past few months. In honor of our survival, we’re rounding up the 15 funniest things that happened online throughout the election season. And after you’re done reading and laughing, GO OUT AND VOTE. 

1. There was this tweet that summed up the Republican primary debates:


2. And the time there were all those balloons at the DNC:


3. And this tweet, that perfectly summed up Hillary’s fashion choices:


4. This “October surprise”:


5. And when SNL showed us what Kellyanne Conway really did on her days off:


6. And there’s been endless amounts of puns with Trump’s hair:


7. And so many jokes at Ted Cruz’s expense.


8. This tweet, that debunked that whole “lesser of two evils” phrase with the perfect analogy:


9. SNL made us forget our misery every Saturday with their recaps of the debates:


10. And this flashback that made us real nostalgic for 2008:


11. Not to mention this throwback that made us long for the days of Mitt Romney’s controversies:


12. And when everyone responded accordingly to Trump’s “Nasty Woman” comment:


13. But really:


14. Basically, the Internet has been so good to us.


15. And, well, then there was this:

See ya on the flipside, Madam President. ❤

{featured image courtesy of comedy central}

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