My One And Only Black Friday Experience


By Kenon Lamont Thompson

November is upon us and we all know what that means. Kids will soon be on their Thanksgiving break and college students will be traveling back home to visit their families. Even those who don’t celebrate the holiday still have something to look forward to: Searching for deals on items that they have eyed for quite a while in hopes of saving a bit of money. The special occasion we know as Black Friday!

The one and only time I participated in this unofficial holiday was in 2010, during my college years. Before then I’d never experienced rushing through crowed stores to mark my territory on an item that I desired. During my college years, I didn’t really have the money to splurge. All I cared about was my $20 slow cooker, my other kitchen essentials (mind you I went to culinary school), and discounted DVDs.

I must say that it was actually fun to spend hours at Wal-Mart waiting for the whistle to go off during the only time all cash registers were occupied with cashiers. Once the customers were given the okay to grab their possible prized possessions on sale for this one day, I got everything I needed and more. Thankfully, no one tried to steal from my shopping cart or run me over thinking I was in their way of getting the same item.

Nonetheless, I am now a grown adult with a little bit more money to splurge than I could on a college budget. 2010 was my first and last time losing sleep over items that I can get at any other time. I’m completely fine with paying a little bit extra if that means I can stay cozy in my bed for a few more hours.

Every year since my sole Black Friday experience, I have watched the event become more of a hazard than a benefit. I’ve chosen not to join individuals (mostly grown adults) fighting and trampling over each other, only to be seen on the news every 2 hours. It has become such a chaotic day that adults will even use their kids as shields in hopes that it gives them a pass to acting like savages.

Black Friday enthusiasts have become so violent that shoppers and bystanders are either being injured, or even worse killed. It is appalling that minuscule money saving items are now causing people to put their lives in danger.

While I have no ill-will towards those that are still faithfully waiting for this day, I will never be a part of Black Friday again in my life. Thankfully, I now have Amazon Prime and most of the items I want can be shipped within two-days free of expedited charge. I am completely fine with waiting for items that I don’t need that same day.

To make my Black Friday as easy and safe as possible, I will be at home in my office on Amazon, wrapped in my blanket like a burrito. I am sure that my UPS Delivery person will get a workout with what I am planning on purchasing.

What do you think about Black Friday? Will you participate this year? Do you have a pre-made list created already? Do you have any tips for other veteran/new Black Friday shoppers? Or will you be like me and hoping that Amazon servers are not so busy that they crash?

One final piece of information: Don’t forget about Cyber Monday, which follows just days after Black Friday! Those deals are typically better than what you can get in person at your favorite store. It’s another day you can spend inside your home, cozy and stress free, as long as you are okay with waiting a few days for your items.

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