It’s Time To Be Better Than We’ve Been


By Jillian Stacia

The hardest thing about this election, for me at least, has been the people. It’s never (really) been about Trump. It’s about the growing crowd behind him.

There will always be evil people. But evil can never flourish unless we buy into it. And yet, on election night, we learned just how many people had.

One of the biggest things I’m grappling with right now: how do I make peace with the people I love that voted for Trump? Because these people are everywhere. They’re in our lives, in our families, maybe even in our homes. And I love them and respect them and cherish them, but it has been an honest to God struggle for me to forgive them and understand them. Continue reading

What Now? 5 Concrete Things You Can Do In The Wake of the 2016 Election


By Jessica Barbara

I am devastated by the election results and have been wallowing for two days feeling helpless.  However, because of my immense privilege, a Trump presidency with a Republican Congress and the possibility of pro-life religious right Supreme Court judges won’t have the potential to affect me as drastically as it might for so many other people who don’t have my privileges (race, class, geography, gender identity, education, etc.). Continue reading