If You Do What You Love, Then…


By Kate Kole

Confession: I’m an inspirational quote enthusiast. I’ve pinned, ‘grammed, printed, and shared them in conversation. Not to mention, I’ve garnered quite the collection of notebooks covered with famous words of wisdom.

In my search for motivational sayings, I often scroll past or stumble upon some version of the sentiment that if you do what you enjoy, then you’ll never work a day in your life/have a problem with Mondays/need a vacation or escape.

In theory, I’m all about the idea that if I devote my life to the things I love, they’ll never feel like work, I’ll always be ready to hop back to them, and I won’t need to take any breaks. In reality, I’ve yet to find any facet of life in which that’s actually the case.

I don’t mean that to say I don’t love what I do. I absolutely love so many of the things I do. My career is where I often experience passion and fulfillment. My relationships are where I feel most connected and generally happy. My hobbies are where I’m led by creativity and driven by determination. I’m grateful to enjoy and live out those dreams.

But sometimes, they feel like work. Hard work. They test my patience and perseverance. I have moments that running away sounds somewhat magical, whether it be to escape Monday or to take a vacation from literally everything in my life.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to admit that occasionally, my chosen roles feel like they require a lot of effort. Because truth be told, even though I really enjoy my career, relationships, and side jobs, I still endure instances that feel frustrating, disappointing, and generally sucky.

That being said, just because something takes work doesn’t mean it’s not what I want or that it’s not the path meant for me. It doesn’t discredit how passionate I am or important it is.

So, I’ll keep doing what I enjoy, knowing that along the way there will be days that it may feel hard, tiring, and somewhat unenjoyable. I’ll meet the obstacles I’m bound to face with confidence that my love for the job or the person will drive me through tough Mondays and exhausting moments. I’ll have faith that for each experience that feels difficult and makes me question my journey, there will also be easy, effortless, simple, joyful moments to remind me that I’m right on track.

Perhaps what I want to say most is this: It’s okay if you’re a mom who loves having kids and have times that feel incredibly overwhelming. It’s okay if you’re a teacher who loves educating students and have times that feel totally uninspiring. It’s okay if you’re a writer who loves sharing stories and have times that you’re at a loss for words. It’s okay if you’re a person who appreciates life and have times that seem disheartening. You’re not doing anything wrong. That doesn’t mean you’ve missed your callings. It just means that ebbs and flows still exist in the day to day.

So, savor the good moments. Work through the unpleasant. And do what you love. Because if you do what you enjoy, then it may not always feel easy, but it will be worth it.

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One thought on “If You Do What You Love, Then…

  1. elenamargioli says:

    It’s as if I’ve been on the verge of this realization but I’ve been circling around it without ever getting to it. Thank you, this helped me a lot. It’s what I needed to hear.


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