52 Thoughts I Had About Once Upon A Time’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror”


By Casey Rose Frank

This week we get a heavy dose of those Season One vibes that have become the backbone for much of this season’s narrative, and Henry gets some extra screen time that makes it obvious to viewers and his family members that the boy who once ran away to find his birth mother and show her a book of fairytales has officially become a young man in his own right.

1 Snow talking to a sleeping David is giving me all the Season 1 feels! They’re not kidding when they say they’ve endured a lot as a couple.

2 Regina talking about sacrificing herself to save everyone else from the Evil Queen is legitimately unexpected, it feels like the biggest kind of atonement for her previous life.

3 Emma laying it out for Regina that if she is killed as the visions have shown, and Regina is killed to best the queen, then Henry has no parents is so heartbreaking. I never thought about Henry being an orphan.

4. Pancakes, flowers, and a note that says “Of course we’ll beat this, I love you!”
This montage of the Charmings making their new separate lifestyle work is super relationship goals, except, you know, minus the whole sleeping curse thing.

5. Snow’s awake in the day and David’s awake at night, I totally called it last week with the Lady Hawk reference!

6. Emma’s trying to track down the Dragon from NYC, but she thinks it would help if she had a name. (Sets down phone and stops searching for “Dragon” on Whitepages)

7. So now they want to trap EQ in a mirror. Based on how the sapling plan went last week, and given the promos for this episode, I’m guessing this isn’t going to turn out well.

8. Henry: Grandma is making me go to the fall formal.
Me: I never get tired of the easy way Henry adapts to his grandmother being the same age as one of this mothers. Also, yes Henry, go to the dance.

9. Wait, Violet stood Henry up, TWICE, for John Hughes movie night? I may have had some questionable boyfriends when I was a teenager, but they all said yes to John Hughes movie night.

10. “You act like yourself. Never compromise who you are.” Emma’s mom advice is not only spot on for Henry’s dating concerns, but should essentially be all of our mantras.

11. Henry is essentially saying that defeating an evil queen is  better than dealing with the stress of high school romance- no kidding. Same, Henry. Same.

12. EQ, I am loving this intricately beaded dress, but I want to snatch that birds nest off the top of your head.

13. Stop hating on Henry for being “a scared little boy” especially about birds on the beach, they will straight up kill you. Or steal your french fries.

14. And now Regina and Emma are in the mirror instead of EQ. Of course.

15. Mirror world is…full of mirrors. I don’t know what I was expecting.

16. Emma can see Granny through her mirror, but Granny can’t see Emma and now I’m rethinking that last pre-shower vocal performance in the bathroom…

17. No one is going to buy EQ disguised as Regina, right? Oh, everyone buys it? Okay. I’m not disappointed.

18. Belle wanting help from Zelena in protecting her baby feels like a bad idea, but Z could use a new spa day buddy.

19. So they go to Granny’s to chat with Aladdin about stealing a magic wand and when he doesn’t immediately sign up for stealing from the Dark One, they’re like “Aladdin, the shears of destiny threatening our lives is all your fault and we hate you, love Z and B.”

20. Stop with EQ jonesing for Gold storyline!

21. Hammer of Hephaestus sounds like a great curse.

22. Of course Gold has the hammer in the cabinet behind him. I put an important item “someplace safe” and I have to search through fifteen locations before I remember where that safe place was.

23. Thank goodness Hook likes long walks on the beach. Romantic, and convenient for discovering that your girlfriend is most definitely in trouble.

24. Aw, the moms see how grown up Henry looks in a suit! And all their banging on the mirror seems to attract Henry’s notice! Henry’s the best!

25. EQ as Regina calls Violet a commoner. That is a straight up brutal clapback, queen or not.

26. Fake Regina: You could be king!
Henry: I need to finish high school first.
I’m crying.

27. Violet did show up! Faith in humanity (or at least fictional teen characters) is restored!

28. And she’s going to help Henry find his moms!

29. The Dragon is inside the mirror world too.

30. Where has he been going to the bathroom all this time?

31. “Please tell us you’ve found a way out of this prison” Yeah, that’s why he’s still here, because he found a way out…

32. He did find a way out? A backdoor? Then why are you still here dragon man?

33. Little windup monkey! Another Abu nod for Aladdin.

34. Oh here’s the magician’s wand, in this handy drawer right next to me. I suppose I’d be bored if we spent twenty minutes of the episode showing Aladdin looking through every drawer and cabinet in the shop.

35. So, the way out is a broken mirror that needs to be reconstructed, that feels arduous.

36. Aw, Henry, look at you going to the main magic mirror in the vault to look for your moms. You’re a sharp cookie and I love you.

37. “You can’t Darth Vader me, I’ll never join you.” It’s like Disney owns the rights to Star Wars or something…

38. This whole “I’m a leader, not an evil person” garbage soup hits too close to home right now.

39. I’ll just call the moms on the dragon heart phone.

40. I didn’t think I’d see a moment where Henry would really torn about doing something immoral to save people he loves. I don’t like this!

41. The dragon still has magic but the ladies don’t, where is the reasoning in this?

42. Henry hits the mirror instead of the heart! EQ and I look damn surprised.

43. “Family makes you strong.” Henry has no tolerance for bullies like EQ and this is the PSA we all deserve.

44. Aladdin also stole a lamp!! “Genie’s gone, he’s free, but whoever’s in there now might help us.” YES! More genies. Such wow.

45. Gold gets his wand back, and he puts a gold wrist cuff on Belle to be able to always know where she is, like some crappy magical lo jack.

46. Snow can’t write a single message to David? I know she misses him, but the notes are hope!

47. David finding the empty crumpled paper and saying “I miss you too Snow” is too much. More than just fairy tale clichés, they understand each other deeply.

48. Henry offers their own dance at Granny’s and I’m swooning.

49. Violet is struggling with high school identity and when Henry tells her she doesn’t need a label I can’t help but hope there really are young men as evolved as Henry out there in the world.

50. The moms see them dancing through the front window and I’m tearing up.

51. Gold and the Evil Queen both “getting a happy ending” = making out. Blluuuuuurg, I’m bumming hard core.

52.Gold using EQ to kill Z? Wow. That jumped up a notch.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you enjoying this season’s narrative now that we’re about a third of the way into the season?

Once Upon A Time is back in two weeks!

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