Be Still And Know


By Terry Garrett

I’m not Thirty on Tap. I’m twice that. Yet the blog posts on this site resonate with me. Deeply. I don’t see age any more as a distinction, a dictation for how to live. I see energy and yes, though it might sound trite and overused, I see love.

I’m a Libra and I’m often aware that I take the middle ground. I usually see both sides of an issue. I don’t like to ruffle feathers and have lived most of my life concerned about what others think of me, whether or not they like me. So, I’m careful not to step on anyone’s toes.

I’m going to talk about both politics and religion here, the two taboos. But please stay with me anyway. I really need to get this off my chest. More than I need to be liked.

Since Election Day I took a hiatus from social media. I’ve almost taken a complete break from the news. I have been grieving. And I’m well acquainted with grief. My oldest child, my only son died in a freak accident over twelve years ago. November 6th he would have turned thirty seven. That day is hard for me. It was hard again this year.

Two days later my political choice lost. It felt like a sudden death to me, unexpected as it was. She was my choice because of my faith in tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, and love for all.

I want you to know that I love my Christian friends who voted for Trump for their reasons which I did not understand. I deeply love my extended family members who voted for him for their reasons, which oddly were the same reasons I could not. They wanted what was best for this country. As do I. As do we all.

I am a Christian and I am a yogi. I went to yoga Wednesday morning and I needed that practice. My faith, family, friends, dogs, and my yoga practice have healed me over the years. Now I need them to heal me again, because on top of everything else, I pulled a muscle in my back, and I can’t even get the physical release I need from my yoga practice.

So, I was reading my daily devotional, Jesus Always, this morning after a long, painful sit. And this is the beautiful devotion I read:

“I am always with you, beloved, whether you’re aware of My Presence or not. Sometimes the place you are in seems desolate–devoid of My loving companionship. But you can call out to Me and KNOW that I am by your side, eager to help. I am near to all who call on me.”

The words sunk in. Their message resonated with every ounce of my being.

I truly believe that if we practice patience, listen freely, and embrace one another, in times of agreement and often in spite of our differing views, love will win.

And so now, heavy heart, back pain, and confusion aside, I will choose to be still and know.

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