World, Let’s Join Them: A Little Encouragement for this Post-Election Season


By Nikki Norris

At least half of our nation is stunned, and many are grieving. We grieve a loss, yes, but more than that, we grieve for those who no longer feel safe. For me, the horror began early this year as evangelical leader after evangelical leader spoke out in support of Donald Trump. How professed followers of Jesus – the model of self-sacrificial love – could support a platform built on hate is baffling. And now, after a staggering 81% of white evangelicals voted for Trump, I can’t decide what’s worse: the knife in the back from the American people, or the twist of the knife from the evangelical church. Continue reading

10 Thanksgiving Dishes From Start To Finish


By De & Kate

Thanksgiving is – wait for itone week away. Perhaps you’ve already Pinterest planned this year’s entire menu and have your holiday dinner lineup set. In which case, we commend you with emoji claps all around. If you’re anything like us, turkey (or tofurkey) day totally snuck up on you this fall and now, you’re googling recipes galore.

Hoping we can save you some precious time, so you can do more pressing things with these next seven days, we’ve rounded up 10 delicious dishes from start to finish! Continue reading