7 Ways to Make a New House a Home


By Joanna Grey Talbot

Moving has been a way of life for me over the past few years. Moving five times in three years has not made me an expert but it has taught me a few tricks for settling in quicker. Every move has been different, some with roommates and some without, but each time I have had to pack up all my worldly belongings and move in somewhere totally new to me. Change and I have a love/hate relationship but the following list helped me to start loving my new home.

Box of Necessities for the First Night

Your first night in your new home can be very discombobulating. One way to help ease that is to pack a box of necessities that you open first. This box is a great way to help yourself start settling in and be able to sleep your first night in peace. Suggested box contents: one set of bedsheets, bath towel, throw blanket, toilet paper, phone charger, coffeemaker/teapot, favorite mug, wine bottle opener, and paper goods (paper plates, paper towels, plastic utensils).

Plants or Fresh Flowers

Whether you have a green thumb or not, potted plants or cut flowers can bring a breath of fresh air to your new surroundings. You can pick up flowers from your local grocery store or farmers market. Potted plants can be found at any big box store with a garden center. My favorite thing to do is plant them in unconventional pots, such as a teapot or paint can.

Pictures on the Wall

As soon as the furniture is settled, start deciding where to hang your artwork, posters, or framed photographs. A house is not a home until it is filled with the people you love and the things that make you smile, even if it is just photographs of them. Be creative with the combinations and placement – moving into a new home is the perfect way to refresh all your wall displays.


No matter if your home is new or 70 years old, it is going to smell strange to you. We all know that scents can relax us and even evoke memories, so choosing a scent for your new home is very important. Maybe you have one that you have used in every home you have lived in, creating continuity for you, or maybe you like to choose a new one each time you move, but either way a fresh set of candles will help you start adjusting to your new home.

Friends and Family

No matter where we go it is the people we love the most that help us settle into our new surroundings. They may help you move or unpack or decide where to hang photographs. Yet, sometimes they cannot be with us physically so that is why we are utterly grateful for technology. My oldest brother and his family were living overseas when I moved into my last apartment so one day after unpacking I took them on a Skype tour of my new home. Our loved ones can always be with us as long as we get creative!

Get to Know Your Community

Every time I have moved I have always searched out the same three things first: public library, farmers market, and coffee shop. It sounds a little strange but getting out into your new community will also help you adjust to your home. People are more likely to stay somewhere if they feel connected so browse the racks at the library, look for a book club, get to know the vendors at the farmers market, and become a regular at the local coffee shop. By frequenting these places, you get to know your neighbors and easily learn about community events you may be interested in.

Neighborhood Take-out Restaurant

Lastly, but in many ways, most importantly, your first night in your new place you are not going to want to cook so take the opportunity to try a take-out restaurant in your new neighborhood. Whether you are craving Chinese, Thai, Mexican, or pizza, pull up your GPS and see what is around you. Your new house is not a home until you have christened it with a box of fried rice and a glass of wine.

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