For Thanksgiving This Year, Embrace Simple Gratitude


By De and Kate

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been quite a month. In fact, it’s been quite a year. And we’re fairly certain you don’t need us to remind you of that. While tensions are likely high amongst many households today, for various and good reasons, we hope that feelings of gratitude, community, and love have the power to prevail and take precedence. In spite of the pain, disappointment, and differences we feel, may we also take the time to focus on and remember all the people, things, and experiences worthy of our appreciation.

We at Thirty on Tap will use this day marked by thankfulness to intentionally remember that even in times of darkness, light still exists, in times of distress, hope still exists, and in times of division, connection still exists. We’ll laugh, hug, and share stories while cooking and eating alongside one another, and in doing so, we’ll allow love to win.

We’ll view today as our invitation to remember how good it feels to cultivate gratitude for the little things in life. We’ll savor it all: the food, the togetherness, and the moment. If only just for today, we’ll aim to do what Emily in Our Town suggests, and we’ll try to realize this life while we live it…every, every minute.

That’s not to say that we aren’t still sad, angry, or emotional over the events of this month. It’s not to say that we’re choosing to be ignorant or that we won’t stand up for what’s right in the event of an uncomfortable family conversation. Just that we plan to embrace it all today, and recognize the good among the bad.

We hope you all find time to do the same. We hope you all find moments today to enjoy the company of your friends and family, that you laugh over something genuinely funny, that you snuggle with a pet, that you eat good food and drink good wine, that you smile.

From your Thirty on Tap editors, Happy Thanksgiving! ❤

{featured image via unsplash}